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From date to wedding.

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    Before getting married, prospective spouses should get to know each other. For some, the candy-bouquet period is enough for this, while others experience relationships in a civil marriage.

    Psychologists say: people can get to know each other well only after a year and a half or two. Scottish scientists, however, insist: it is impossible to drag out the premarital period. But it is important not to adhere to a time frame, but to understand for yourself: is a partner suitable for a serious relationship.

    Date of meetings
    According to surveys, on average, people meet before marriage for 1-4 years. In rare cases, there are exceptions:

    more than 5 years have met 18% of the country’s population;
    less than six months – 21%.
    When asked whether it is worth living before marriage, 89% affirmatively and 11% negatively. It has been noticed that 28% of all those living before marriage end up getting married. The rest of the couples split up.

    Why do people meet
    When people meet, people get to know the partner’s desires, interests and thoughts. If the meeting period is too short, it will lead to problems in family life.

    Even before marriage, you need to find out how a person reacts to a particular situation, how he behaves during a quarrel. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the partner listens, is ready to help or tries to isolate himself from the problems of his half, focusing only on his own.

    Each person has a certain idea of ​​his future marriage partner, what qualities and character traits he should have. The courtship period will show whether the intended spouse really has these qualities.

    It is only important to remember that all people are not perfect.
    It is impossible to find a perfect person with all the positive qualities. Therefore, psychologists advise to make a list of the 5 most important character traits and look for a person who possesses them.

    During the meetings, it is important to know each other’s goals and values. If one wants to have three children and settle at home, and the other dreams of travel and career growth, then they are unlikely to be truly happy together.

    30% of couples break up because people don’t fit together. During meetings, you need to talk about everything. It is necessary to find out how many children the partner wants, how to relate to material means, whether he loves animals.

    Why you shouldn’t delay the wedding
    If you delay with the wedding, you can lose interest in your partner. People who meet for a long time after become like old friends or close relatives. Their passion disappears in a relationship.

    Psychologists have noticed that when a couple has been living in a civil marriage for more than 5 years and a man nevertheless marries under the pressure of his half, these couples get divorced after a while.

    Nobody can say exactly how much to meet before the wedding. The pair itself determines the golden mean. Feelings will tell you that it is necessary to unite the union by marriage.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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