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    There is a common theory that in order to find true love, you need to know a certain secret that is available only to a few people. Is this really true? Let’s look at this question more specifically.

    If you want to find true love, form a positive attitude towards yourself!
    Sometimes life plays tricks on us, and for some reason, attractive, healthy people, full of energy, pass by without finding their true love.

    Other people manage to find love, but at some point they begin to doubt the correctness of their choice and begin to look for a new partner. But the most interesting thing happens when less attractive people, who have nothing special in their appearance or personality, live happily with their beloved!

    Why is this happening?

    First of all, if you recognized the description of yourself in the above paragraph, or if you have already developed a habit of comparing yourself with others, forget about this habit right now!

    Every person is unique!

    If you think you are defective or inferior in some way, you are hallucinating!

    Every person is special! You are no better or worse than other people, you are unique and special! If you feel the need to compare yourself to someone else, remember your uniqueness, which is simply not yet revealed!

    There is one very simple exercise: every morning you should go to the mirror, and start making yourself nice compliments with a big smile on your face. Do this for at least 5 minutes! If you’ve never heard of this exercise, just give it a try! The effect will amaze you!

    In order to simplify the search for your true love, you will have to repeat these words: “I am the most charming and attractive!”or “I’m attractive! I am beautiful / beautiful! I radiate masculinity / femininity, light, love and sexuality! People like to look at me!”

    If you want to maximize the effect, you should make a whole list of such phrases, but if you are not ready to do it now, use the phrases written above!

    – Your thoughts about yourself are transmitted to the universe!”

    A psychological experiment.

    Now I would like you to read the widespread scientific evidence for the effectiveness of this method!

    A long time ago, the outstanding psychologist Francis Galton (1822-1911) decided to conduct an interesting experiment. Before leaving the house to walk around London, he insisted on these words: “I am disgusting, disgusting, pathetic and hated by others!”

    Do you think anything could have happened to Galton because of this change in attitude?

    But something happened. With every step he took, Galton caught the disgusted and contemptuous glances of passers-by! One of the dockworkers Galton met on the way even elbowed him so hard that Galton fell into the mud.

    Unfortunately, this was not the end of Galton’s misfortunes…

    As Galton passed the stallion, he seemed to catch the general mood and punched Galton in the thigh, causing him to fall to the ground again. What is even more surprising is that the witnesses of this event were on the side of the stallion!

    Puzzled by these events, the scientist returned home, promising himself to stop experimenting with negative attitudes. Later, he described this experiment in his book on psychology, making the following conclusion: the success of a person and the attitude of others depend on his own attitude to himself.

    Everything you think about yourself will be accepted by the Universe and confirmed by this attitude “ ” You’re right, buddy, you’re exactly what you say about yourself!”

    How to find your true love-just draw it!
    In the modern world, visualization is underestimated for a number of reasons.

    Proper visualization is a powerful tool that can shape any reality to your liking! If you create an image of your true love, it will appear in your life according to your portrait!

    Think about the appearance, character and lifestyle, environment, and hobbies of a loved one. Take a piece of paper and put all these functions in a list.

    We will not recommend you what you should write. The thoughts are different, and what is completely improbable for one person may be quite real for another. Try to ignore social stereotypes and listen to your heart! Only you know which person will be your perfect match!

    When you meet your love, check your list. However, if you think you’ve found your true love, but not everything on the list has come true, just forget it! Every person has good and bad character traits. A person should be in complete harmony with himself, and not pretend to be someone else!

    How to find true love: make a gift to your loved one
    ” Love is the desire to include someone in yourself, as a part of yourself. It is an opportunity to become something more than you are. ”
    After you have created an image of your ideal partner, ask him / her what he / she would like to get out of your relationship.

    Write down everything that comes to mind, even if some moments seem unreal to you. You should write without thinking about the answer. You need to try to write as much as possible, try to make your list up to 100 answers.

    If you can’t think of any answers, then try to imagine what you would like to give this person. There’s always a chance that you think the same way.

    If you want to find true love, visualize and act!
    Hurray! You managed to create the image of your perfect couple! You have changed your attitude towards yourself! You have prepared gifts for your beloved! You’ve convinced yourself that you know what you’re worth, and the universe cares about you! You’ve done a lot! Go on! Now you must reach your goal!

    As I mentioned above, many people underestimate the power of visualization! Some people may even consider it a waste of time! What you need to do in this case is not to go to extremes!

    Proper visualization can expand your comfort zone. Thanks to this, you will be able to achieve what previously seemed unreal to you! Imagine that you have already reached your destination! Use all five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste!

    You must keep in mind the image of your beloved that you have created! Imagine that this person has already appeared in your life!

    If you want to help the universe realize your dreams, take a step towards it! If you’ve written your ideal partner’s habits, you already know where to find them. So go there and start looking!

    “When the right person appears in your life, you will immediately feel it! Be alert and be ready for action” ” The
    recommendations that are written above will be enough to find true love! Moreover, you will be able to apply them in other areas of your life! Your imagination will help you succeed! However, keep in mind that finding love is only the first step to success. To make every day full of love and joy, never stop working on your relationship!


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