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Cooking has been my passion and hobby for years. I enjoy experimenting and trying new things in the kitchen and presenting the dishes in an artful way. I like playing with different tastes, aromas, visuals and sometimes even music to accompany my dishes. I almost never follow one recipe and construct my dishes by combining ideas from different recipes, TV food shows and from the different restaurants I visit. Some of my favorite recipes were actually developed when I found myself cooking dinner on a weekday night after a long workday in the office and I had no option but to use a few random foods in my fridge and pantry (think of the TV show Chopped). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but my wife lets me know right away!

I discovered molecular gastronomy - or modern cooking - when I visited Homaro Cantu's Moto restaurant in Chicago. The level of creativity and experimentation was outstanding and since then I've been interested in molecular gastronomy. At first I was reading about this new style of cooking to entertain myself but I always dreamed about applying some of the techniques in my kitchen.

The major challenge was to find good recipes with complete detailed explanations, learn the basic principles behind each recipe so I could be creative and come up with my own dishes, find good pictures of finished dishes and serving suggestions. It seems like molecular gastronomy chefs don't want to completely share their secrets and they just give you a truncated version of the recipe. Well, after all that hard work to come up with a signature dish I guess it makes sense. It is like protecting a patent from an invention.

That's why I created this molecular gastronomy website with recipes that I or my readers have tried at home and modified as necessary, tips and techniques to get the best results with molecular recipes and successfully create your own signature dishes, affordable ways of acquiring or substituting molecular gastronomy equipment and substances, and beautiful pictures of finished dishes to inspire your creativity. Some techniques, equipment and ingredients could be really expensive and less accessible but there is plenty you can do at home with as little as $100.

I welcome professional chefs, amateur cooks and scientists to use this molecular gastronomy website to collaborate in building this community to make molecular gastronomy more accessible and affordable to everyone. People should not be deprived of the multi sensory pleasures of molecular gastronomy. Contact US with any questions or to share your favorite recipes and ideas.

Quantum Chef

  • Maria

    Dear Chef,

    Many thanks for your blog, I have learned things about Ferran Adrià (he doesn’t like the name of molecular gastronomy???).

    Please let me introduce our company: we are a Spanish company producing “pearls” based on reverse spherification, that allows chefs and consumers to use molecular gastronomy in a easy way.

    i have created a blog on molecular gastronomy as well, please do not hesitate to visit it: and write to me if you have any comment!


  • Dennis

    Great site. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tuilui2000

    Please help me! I have been experimenting with reverse spherification using alcohol. I followed the pear-St.Germain recipe very closely. The caviar came out very nice. My problem though is there membrane seems to be leaking and or melting! After cooking for 2 minutes or so, I gently rinse in cool water and place in a container. I then place the caviar in the fridge. After an hour or so the caviar is floating in diluted liquor! Do I need to cook longer or add more chemicals??

    • Anonymous

      Are you making caviar or spheres like in the recipe? I usually keep the spheres in a water bath and they last for several hours or even days. Are you sure the spheres are not breaking before you put them in the fridge? If the sphere is not perfect and has some imperfections like air bubbles or wrinkles it tends to be weak on these spots and leak. Make sure you follow these tips . If this is not the problem try leaving them in the bath for an extra minute to obtain a thicker membrane.

  • Caviaroli

    There’s a new product in spherification. CAVIAROLI – the olive oil caviar which is used by Ferran Adria at El Bulli.

  • Liyah_Sefuiva28

    Please Help Me! Please And Thank You :)

  • Maria Markson

    I am a artist First. Then a cook. I want to learn. I love food design and menu planning. That is my love. I also enjoy making desserts.

  • Wonka8401

    so glad your here

  • Markus Ahlm

    I would like to order some stuff but getting it shipped to sweden seems tricky? Should I order it to a US adress or a UK (I have both). Best


    • Anonymous

      We are currently not shipping outside the US so you should use your US address. Thanks for your order in advance!

  • adderly

    i am really interested in the Molecular Gastronomy Kit. Please; where i can found the store  in U.S .

    ATTE. adderly.

    • adderly

      sorry , what’s your address ? thank a lot 

    • Anonymous

      You can purchase the kits and other supplies here


      • adderly

        purchases are only online ?? 

        • Anonymous


  • Joypark

    I love your website! Tons of useful information! I love cooking myself too! Will try some of your recipes soon! Congratulations on your new website! Beautiful! – Joy Park from MS. :)

    • QuantumChef

      Thank you!

  • Jones829

    im just wondering, with sodium
    alginate baths, its it always 5g to 1liter of water of does this depends on what your trying to achieve with it

    • QuantumChef

      This works all the time.

  • Epicurious Jedi

    any one already have an exact ratio or recipe for making iced tea caviar? or any standard juice drink caviar?

    next question would be are there any new recipes for the olive oil caviar? or new recipes here period?
    i noticed almost all the sites have the same or very very similar recipes.

  • Epicurious Jedi

    is there a type of vaccupette poly carbonate pippeting tool that dispenser smaller caviar type eggs rather than salmon roe pearls? Syringe needle use is too labor intensive.

    • QuantumChef

      I am not aware of one. Sorry!

  • Brian J Medeiros

    I am eager to get started playing with new twists on classic hard candy. I would like to figure out how to create a savory (non-sweet) version of hard candy with all the same glassy, melting properties of the classic sugar based hard candy. I would like the base to melt like classic hard candy so it can even be spun into candy floss. If anyone has any idea for me to start, I am hitting dead end after dead end….help! Thanks!

    • QuantumChef

      Haven’t tried this but one idea is to start with isomalt which has about half the sweetness of regular sugar.

  • Helenedenmark

    Is it possible to bye anything from these side when I`am living in Denmark? It wont accept my adress.
    I want to buy Clear Canapé :-) ))))


    a complete kit of molecular gastronomy is how much.

  • Geo

    Hi There…I bought as a gift the Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients – Professional Kit and opened the box to find a powdery mess. One of the canisters had burst. I don’t see a phone number so hoping you can help me address this issue.Please call me at 408 772 1906.

    • QuantumChef

      No problem, we’ll take care of it right away. I’ll contact you directly via email.

  • CH

    Do you ship to South Africa as well, or do you have a stockist in South Africa?

  • Aaronchase

    Made purchase and the order status says completed but I haven’t received anything yet. Any way to track my order?

  • Michael Corbett

    So there is NO phone number on your website for me to contact you about my order and no one has bothered to respond to my email from yesterday… are you a legitimate business???? I ordered on 9/10/13 and paid for two day shipping, today is 9/13/13 and I need to know what is going on.

    • QuantumChef

      Hi Michael, I just replied to your email. You should have received an email with the tracking number but I’ll follow up with you with the status asap. Bests,

  • Ashley Herold

    Hi my name is ashley and i am looking into getting a kit for my husband for christmas. I was just wondering what would be the best kit for him. He is a cook and loves to experiment with new things and right now he is really into molecular gastronomy. He hasn’t done alot with it but he is very interested and eager to learn more. I would probably say he is more at intermediate level with it. Please help.

    • QuantumChef

      Hi Ashley, it depends on how much you want to spend but I would recommend getting the Premium Kit ( plus an iSi Whip if he doesn’t have one ( Bests,

      • Ashley Herold

        Thank you :) What is the difference between the Premium and Ultimate kits.

        • QuantumChef

          Molecular Gastronomy Ultimate Kit has 11 more ingredients that will allow you to make flavor tripping dishes, oil chips, sugar work resistant to humidity such as sugar globes, encapsulated olive oil drops, improve the texture in low fat alternatives, hot or cold foams with virtually any juice or liquid, jams, jellies, smooth ice cream, thin flavorful crispy sheets even with acidic ingredients, flavorful bubbles and clear flexible films with excellent sheen.

  • John Sideris

    Hello! I would like to buy some equipment from wour company and i want to know how much i must to pay for the shiping spends. The amound is about 600 ca $. My adress is in Montreal of Qc.
    I would like also to know if you have some vacoum and plastic bags for sous vide?

    • QuantumChef

      Hi John, shipping costs are calculated automatically at checkout based on weight, shipping type and exact address. You’ll be able to see the exact costs before you confirm your order. We currently don’t sell vacuum sealers or bags.

      Subject: Re: New comment posted on About

  • Michael Bongiorno

    Hi……received a solid block of pop rocks today. Order ID# 4543 Please contact via email

  • Joany

    i order a sugar pump and went to track it but it said: Your item could not be delivered on January 15, 2014 at 2:54 pm in CANADA due to an incorrect address. The addressee’s address is being verified… i think i forgot to write the appartement number….what do i have to do ?

    • QuantumChef

      Hi Joany, please contact us directly via this form with your order number and our operations team will follow up with you. In the meantime what you can do it to contact Canada Post (unless you selected Express shipping) and try to get it delivered before they return it to us.