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It started with a simple idea. How can we make Molecular Gastronomy accessible to everyone?

A few years ago, the art of Molecular Gastronomy was reserved for famous chefs with access to expensive equipment and hard-to-find ingredients. I would see these amazing dishes created on television. I would taste these culinary masterpieces at restaurants. But that wasn’t enough. I had to try it myself. My love of science, physics, design and food drove me to explore and experiment with Molecular Gastronomy at home. Using make-shift equipment and ingredients I would hunt for online and in specialty stores, I was able to create my own dishes. Of course, there was a lot of trial and error, but with experience and practice I was able to master the techniques and achieve some beautiful results.

Initially, the major challenge was to find quality content and ingredients in small, affordable quantities. At the time, there were not many good recipes available. Those published were mostly incomplete. I had to just make it up as I went along. Even photos were scarce and serving suggestions practically non-existent.

I wondered why. I felt there was a need in the community for a consolidated resource where chefs, scientists and home cooks could access Molecular Gastronomy recipes, share info, ask questions, learn the techniques and easily and affordably buy the ingredients and equipment.

So, in 2011, I started this blog in order to store and organize my recipes and photos, chronicle my creative process and document my progress. Suddenly, word got out. People were actually following my recipes, asking me questions and showing appreciation for my work. That encouraged me to do more, and try new things. Little by little, I realized that there was a world out there hungry for content, ideas, recipes, photographs and someone to answer their questions. Even top chefs started asking me questions and wanted advice and even ingredients. Elementary schools teachers contacted us asking for ideas for their science class syllabus. Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences invited us to present to their Science & Cooking class. And later, some of the best restaurants in the world started opening their doors for us to share their work with our community.

Today, is the leading online source for molecular gastronomy recipes and techniques. Our goal is to provide our community with all the knowledge, recipes, tips, techniques, and photos needed to inspire creativity, as well as an affordable place to buying ingredients and equipment. We offer a wide variety of professional quality products and tools that appeal to all experience levels from world class chefs to home cooks.

This is how the vision of came to life. It’s a place where scientists, chefs, students and home cooks can find inspiration, share content and acquire their favorite products and ingredients. Thank you for your support. We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you find your inspiration throughout these pages.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to share your favorite recipes and ideas.

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