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Banana, Lime and Priprioca Caramel Ravioli

Priprioca is one of Chef Atala’s favorite Amazonian ingredients. It has a scent reminiscent of patchouli and tastes earthy and hempy. When combined with the ... CONTINUE

Foie Gras Medlar and Roasted Barley Bread

This playful dish from modernist cuisine Chef Roy Caceres combines the flavors of silky foie gras, medlars, Passito wine, carrot juice and roasted barley bread ... CONTINUE

Modernist Mango Custard w/ Carbonated Calamansi Gel

This creamy, tropical dessert is a modernist custard from pastry Chef Russell Karath that’s incredible. Great application of Kappa Carrageenan to make custard and carbonation ... CONTINUE

New Ocean and Mountain

Chef Digilio improvises a new potential dish for his new menu based on an idea he had in mind. A large raviolo made with porcini ... CONTINUE

Crispy Basil Leaves with Lemon Zest Sorbet

The combination of crunchy and sweet basil leaves with lemon zest sorbet is very refreshing and delicious. Fresh basil leaves are covered in a thin ... CONTINUE

Olive Oil “Butter” and Balsamic Vinegar Gel

This simple but delicious Olive Oil "Butter" and Balsamic Vinegar Gel recipe is from molecular gastronomy Chef Michael Elfwing of Senses at the Hilton Kuala ... CONTINUE

Instant Pea Parmesan Noodles in Saffron Consomme with Morel Dust

The instant noodles are formed in front of the diner eyes by injecting a pea and parmesan mix into a hot saffron consommé using a ... CONTINUE

Hot Baileys Ice Cream

This hot Baileys ice cream is made using methyl cellulose, a hydrocolloid that has the ability to gel when heated and melts when it starts ... CONTINUE

Saffron Tagliatelle of Consomme Recipe

These original saffron tagliatelle of consommé are another molecular gastronomy creation of Ferran Adria and El Bulli team. The delicate aroma of saffron and crystal ... CONTINUE

Arugula Terrine Recipe

The arugula terrine is made of jellified arugula water using agar agar as the jellifying agent (agar gelification). It is very easy to make and ... CONTINUE

Balsamic Vinegar Pearls Recipe

The balsamic vinegar is transformed into small jelly balls using agar agar and the cold oil spherification method. The cold oil spherification method consists of ... CONTINUE

Arugula Agar Spaghetti Recipe

The arugula spaghetto is a 2 meter (6 feet) spaghetto or noodle made of jellified tomato soup using agar agar as the jellifying agent. It ... CONTINUE