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2014 Michelin Main Cities Europe Guide Released

A total of 77 star ratings were awarded in this issue, with 66 new one stars, 10 new two stars, and 1 new three star. ... CONTINUE

Noma and The Fat Duck Plan Temporary Overseas Relocation

The Fat Duck, located in London will be moving to Melbourne, Australia, and Noma of Copenhagen will relocate to Tokyo, Japan. ... CONTINUE

El Celler De Can Roca Gets the World’s Most Weighty “Like”!

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, made the Roca brothers pack up their cooking operation for a private dinner at a home in Barcelona. ... CONTINUE

Ferran Adrià’s 5-City North American Book Tour Is Here!

Ferran Adrià’s long-awaited book tour is kicking off in March of 2014. Cocktail receptions, book signings, talks and special events designed to promote Ferran Adrià’s ... CONTINUE

El Bulli’s Planning a Comeback, and You Could Eat for Free!

Molecular gastronomy Chef Ferran Adrià has plans to open the doors to El Bulli1846 in the spring of 2016. The new concept restaurant and research ... CONTINUE

Solar Sous Vide Steaks – The Sunny Way to Celebrate Steak!

Are you constantly searching for that next amazing way to cook your steak? Do you have an affinity for sustainability and creativity? If so, then ... CONTINUE

El Celler de Can Roca is Taking a Roadtrip!

The 3-Michelin-star, number 1-ranked restaurant in the world is going mobile for their Roca&Roll World Tour 2014. Are you lucky enough to visit El Celler ... CONTINUE

Magic of Ferran Adrià and elBulli Revealed in New York Exhibit!

Ferran Adrià has forever changed the face of molecular gastronomy and cooking in general. Now his unusual creative methods of drawing and visualization will be ... CONTINUE

Ferran Adria Records the Blueprint to elBulli’s Success

Though elBulli’s doors have been closed for more than two years, what happened inside those walls will live on forever. Chef Ferran Adria has created ... CONTINUE

MAD3 GUTS Symposium Guest-curated by David Chang

Last weekend it was MAD3 Symposium, a congress created by Noma’s Rene Redzepi and this year co-curated by David Chang. The theme was "Guts" and ... CONTINUE

Modern Cuisine to Get Some Literary Love

Four Great Books from Modern Cuisine Masters Coming Soon! Modernist chefs Rene Redzepi, David Kinch, Alex Atala and Daniel Patterson will release their new books ... CONTINUE

elBulli in London!

Experience elBulli at world's first exhibition about a chef and a restaurant "elBulli: Ferran Adria and the Art of food", in Somerset House. ... CONTINUE