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Have Your Chocolate and….Snort it Too?

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Innovative Belgium chocolatier Dominique Persoone, who has collaborated with celebrated chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria, has made a name for himself with his unique chocolate flavor combinations, like chocolate infused with flavors such as bacon, onion and grass. He’s also created a machine that delivers his gourmet chocolate concoctions, not by spoon or bar, but via your nose! Enter, the Chocolate Shooter.

In 2007, Persoone was tasked with planning a birthday celebration for Ronnie Wood, member of the Rolling Stones. For that, he decided to deliver a creative twist on the chocolate course that was especially fit for rock stars in attendance.


His creation was a machine that enables the user to snort a powdered chocolate directly into the nose.  Since then, he’s sold over 25,000 of his chocolate nasal delivery machines.

He was inspired by a device his grandfather used to snort snuff tobacco, and the rest is history. The Chocolate Shooter delivers a hit of Dominican Republic or Peruvian cocoa powder, mixed with mint and either ginger or raspberry. The idea is based on research that the nose is an integral part of the taste we experience with our food. According to Persoone, hitting the nose with a little chocolate further enhances the chocolate experience.

Persoone says, “The mint and ginger really tinkle your nose.” He also notes that the mint flavor dissipates and the chocolate goes straight to your brain. In an online video demonstration, Persoone shows how to use the machine, noting it’s an excellent way to get ready for your dessert course.

A Chocolate Shooter can be yours for only $50. But Persoone warns, do not try anything spicy. He once tried a chocolate chili combination and says it was a really bad idea.




Check out the video below: