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Foie Gras Medlar and Roasted Barley Bread

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This playful dish from modernist cuisine Chef Roy Caceres, combines the flavors of silky foie gras, medlars, Passito wine, carrot juice and roasted barley bread in a surprising presentation. The foie gras is shaped as a medlar and coated in a gel to give it the appearance of a real medlar. It’s a bit complicated to make but well worth the extra effort.

Huge thanks go out once again to Chef Roy Caceres for sharing this great recipe. Chef Caceres is a self-made chef who pulled himself up through hard work, creativity and eye for great ways to use fresh ingredients. His restaurant, Metamorfosi in Rome is a world-class restaurant with one Michelin Star that regularly impresses diners with modern Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Foie gras medlar modernist cuisine metamorfosi finished

Foie gras medlar - dipping

Foie gras medlar - molds


Foie Gras Base

- 400g (14.11oz) of foie gras, vacuum cooked for 15 minutes at 60°C (140°F)

- 50g (1.76oz) unsalted butter

- Salt and smoked black pepper to taste

- Little sugar

Faux Medlar Filling of Passito Wine

- 350 g (12.35oz) di vino passito (Straw wine or raisin wine, is a wine made from grapes that have been dried to concentrate their juiceà Moscato Passito di Pantelleria, Vin Santo, Pedro Ximénez)

- 10g (0.35oz) sugar

- 1g (.04oz) agar gar per 100g (3.52oz) product

- Pepper mix (cubeb, jamaica, smoky black)

Passito Wine Gel

- 350g (12.35oz) passito wine

- 15g of sugar

- Pinch of salt

- 1.5 g agar agar

Medlar Gel

- 0.5g (0.02oz) carotene (extract of centrifuged carrot juice, heat until to the color of the carrot floats atop, then skim it off.)

- 50g (1.76oz) centrifuged carrots juice

- 300g (10.58oz) medlar / loquats (cleaned seeded and skinned)

- 15g (0.53oz) sugar

- 4g (0.14oz) lemon juice

- For each 100g (3.53oz) of product add 0.8g agar agar and 1.2g locust bean gum

Medlar Sauce

- 200g (7.05oz) clean loquat pulp

- 10g (0.35oz) sugar

- 4g (0.14oz) lemon

- Cubeb pepper

- For each 100g (3.52oz) of juice add 0.7 g agar agar


- Bread made with seeds, roasted barley and natural yeast (This type of bread is perfect because it lends a crust taste.)

- Wood sorrell leaves (Oxalis acetosela)

- Wood sorrell flowers (Oxalis flowers)

- Instant coffee


Foie Gras Base

1 - Cut 150g (5.29oz) of cooked foie gras into cubes.

2- Pass the remaining foie gras through a chinois along with butter and season.

3 - Stir both foie gras and refrigerate until you need it.

Faux Medlar Filling of Passito Wine

1 - Reduce the wine with the sugar until you reach 150g (5.29oz).

2 - Add 1.5g of agar agar and boil.

3 - Add pepper, let form to a gel and then create a spreadable gel with the mixer.

4 - Make 4g (0.14oz) solidly frozen cylinders.

Faux Medlar of Foie Gras

1 - Prepare a mold with the shape of a medlar covered in clean wrapping film. Chef Roy Caceres made his mold using styrofoam.

2- Using the prepared foi gras, form a medlar placing a frozen passito wine cylinder in the center.

3 - Store in the freezer.

Medlar Gel

1 - Put all the ingredients in a pot and cook.

2 - Pass it through the chinois.

3 - Weigh and add 0.8g agar agar and 1.2 locust bean gum for every 100g.

4 - Bring to a boil.

5 - Let it thicken and reserve.

6-  Put the medlar of frozen foie gras on a skewer.

7- Dip it in the hot gel twice to create a thin layer.

8- Store in fridge.

Medlar Sauce

1- Place the ingredients in a medium pan and cook.

2-  Pass through the chinois.

3- Weigh and add 0.7g agar agar per 100g of product.

4- Blend using a hand mixer until you obtain a fluid gel.

Passito Wine Gel

1 - Reduce the ingredients until you have 150g ((5.29oz) of product.

2 - Add 1.5g of agar agar to create a gel.

3 - Mix the gel with the mixer until you get a fluid gel.


Foie gras medlar - assembly

Foie gras medlar - garnish
1 - Place a foie gras medlar on a wood plank sprinkling a bit of the instant coffee on it to make it look real.

2– Add some medlar sauce on the plate. (not shown in picture)

3 - Alternate medlar gel spots with passito wine gel across the plank.

4 – Place a cube of roasted barley bread on one side and garnish with the oxalis leaves and flowers.

5 – Enjoy!