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Educational Institution Solutions

Share brings together educational institutions, scientists, industry leaders, chefs and amateur cooks to share ideas, research findings and inspiring recipes applying the latest techniques and ingredients. We provide educational institutions the finest products and services that help motivate and engage students of all ages to learn and understand food science and its creative applications.

We collaborate with teachers and institutions to create new educational products, design new research projects, obtain feedback from the industry, share research findings and publish examples of their application in the modern kitchen. We also offer special promotions and discounts to students to make supplies more accessible and encourage further development of their skills.

By sourcing supplies from, you are helping us to continue funding research projects and sharing findings with this enthusiastic growing community. Wherever you are in the world, we provide you with unmatched product quality, outstanding service and hands-on expertise in modernist cuisine.

Educational Institution Membership

By joining our Educational Institution Membership, you will be able to gain access to the free, members-only benefits on this website:

- 10% Discount on almost all products. Actually now we offer it for all products but in the future we may have to exclude some new low-margin products or items on sale. You cannot use a coupon code in addition to this discount.

- 10% Discount coupons for students.

- Special Promotions for students.

- Dedicated Account Manager so you can rely on us 100%. Our knowledgeable account managers are familiar with all the ingredients and tools and can help you create the right programs to motivate and engage your students.

- Industry Feedback to ensure your course content or research project is relevant or can potentially solve a puzzling question chefs are dealing with. is the largest community of modernist cuisine fans and experts so you’ll receive priceless feedback.

- Publish Research Findings so your valuable results can be accessed beyond the academic world and be applied creatively by chefs and amateur cooks to create the next signature dish. There is nothing more motivating to students and researchers than to feel part of this incredible modernist cuisine movement.

- Fundraising Events. We’ll help you promote fund raising events that are related to food science or molecular cuisine education and research.

Applying for an Educational Institution Membership

If you do not have a Educational Institution Membership account, it is very easy to get one! We just require that you are a registered educational institution and that you make an initial purchase of $500. To become a member, follow these steps:

1- Make an initial purchase of $500 from our online store or spend $500 within 7 days. If you are not ready to spend that much, you can just purchase a gift card to reach $500 and then use it later when you have the need. If you prefer, you can contact us to make the payment and we’ll add credit to your account.

2- Once you made the initial purchase, send us the following information via this form and we’ll assign you an account manager, upgrade your account to an Educational Institution Supply Membership and credit back to your account the 10% discount so you can use it in your next order.

After making the initial purchase, send us the following information via this form:

Account First and Last Name

Institution Name



To maintain the membership, you need to spend at least $500 per 12 month period. Only registered educational institutions qualify to apply for an Educational Institution Supply Membership account.

KQ2 Ventures LLC, owner of, reserves the right to change the Educational Institution Supply Membership benefits or discontinue it at any time. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination or disabling of this membership program.