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Modern High-Quality Dinnerware

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Do you have the right dinnerware to present your culinary innovations? Plates, bowls and glasses play a crucial role in the diner's perception of food. After dedicating so much time to make your molecular gastronomy creations, you need to ensure they look outstanding. These fine collections will not only impress your diners with their amazing design but will also last a long time.

This is restaurant-grade dinnerware, produced to withstand the rigors of the restaurant environment and designed with strength and resistance to breaking and chipping. Used by the best restaurants in the world and now available to you.


Crucial Detail

Martin Kastner is best known for his Alinea serviceware concepts, which landed him on The Future Laboratory's list of 100 most influential individuals in contemporary design. The concepts presented here reflect Martin's commitment to excellence in pursuit of creative and stunning food presentation. See Crucial Detail collection



Minners Clasic Cocktails

"Shaken not stirred..." New York club scenes of the 1930's and 40's evoke images of dapper men in tuxedos, opening doors for their ladies dressed to the nines, long white gloves... a drink with friends...

Steelite International  recaptures classic cocktail service from a bygone era with the Minners Classic Cocktail Collection. Featuring popular shapes including the saucer champagne, Minners Classic Cocktails offers the ultimate in vintage charm and design. See Minners Classic Cocktails Collection



Float Collection

Developed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, Steelite's Distinction body is manufactured in Stoke-On-Trent England and combines bright white, translucency, and unique durability to withstand the rigors of the busiest kitchens.

"Float" is one of Steelite's many design-inspired shapes, aptly named for the appearance of floating above the tabletop. See Float Collection



Craft Collection

Craft - it's about reaching back while moving forward...inspired by handcrafted country wares made by generations of potters, Craft embodies a true artisan look while providing modern functionality and durability only found with state of the art commercial dinnerware. Steelite has absolutely "nailed it" with Craft.

Craft is manufactured by Steelite in England's Stoke-On-Trent historic pottery district. Select from a wide variety of shapes to build your personal dinnerware in quantities that suit your lifestyle. See Craft Collection



Sheer Collection

The Sheer Bowl, from Steelite, is a huge favorite among professional chefs and home chef enthusiasts!  With six sizes to choose from, the Sheer Bowl range covers small bites, large entrees and everything in between! Manufactured by Steelite in England's historic Stoke-On-Trent pottery district, Sheer is a true original that has withstood the test of time as required by classic style. See Sheer Collection