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can spheres be made ahead?

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    In one of your videos I believe I heard that you need to eat the spheres within 20 minutes or risk solidification. I’m assuming this precludes the ability to make spheres ahead of time? Thank you.


    Quantum Chef

    This is only for basic spherifiction. With reverse spherification the spheres can be stored. You may want to go over our spherification class at



    Can spheres be made ahead and frozen? Some people like to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and make a few fresh ones for the holidays. A spherical cookie cutter may not freeze well though without proper care or huff post preparation. They can also be tricky to use because they need an ultra-cold surface in order to maintain their shape after defrosting.



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    Can spheres be made ahead of time? Well, yes and no. The difference between a decorative object that you can make ahead and one that can’t is a good understanding of what you want to do with it. What materials did your parents use when they gain followers for social media Christmas tree ornaments? If they did not use metal they were lucky, because wire must always be used. But if they did use metal, they likely bought lots of it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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