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Cream v. Soda whipping cartriges

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    Probably a silly question, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. Can someone please explain the difference between using a cream v. soda cartridge? I realize one is for creating soda water (and maybe only soda water) and the other whipped cream, but are they otherwise interchangeable? I seem to only be able to find cream shippers when shopping locally. Thank you.


    Quantum Chef

    The difference is the soda cartridge has CO2 and the cream cartridge gas N2O. The N2O is an inert gas that won’t change the taste of the preparation, that’s why it is used for cream and foams. The CO2 gives a fizzy sensation and is the same gas you find in the bubbles of soda and other carbonated beverages. The fizzy sensation comes from the concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2) which, as it gets released in the mouth, triggers a pain response from the nerves in the tongue and the mouth. This nerve response also intensifies the aromas and taste. This is why beverages taste blander after they lose its carbonation.


    Thank you for the explanation, and for posting it so promptly. This is an invaluable forum, thank you.



    I have a quick question on using a 1L ISI whip. Should I necessarily use 2 chargers even if the amount of batter I use, for instance for cake would be <0.5L? Or, can I get away by using a single charger based on the qty of batter inside the whip?



    Quantum Chef

    Yes, you need to use 2 anyway.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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