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Coffee in Savory Dishes

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    Quantum Chef

    Have you used coffee in savory dishes? What’s your favorite application? Any ideas on how to use it creatively? Here is the FoodPairing tree of Colombian coffee showing which ingredients pair well with coffee for your inspiration.



    In Red Meat Jus, Flexible for lamb, beef, veal etc. I combine star anise with sauteed onions, deglaze with a reduced red wine and meat stock (like a bordelaise) and add the coffee beans to infuse for a few minutes. It’s a wonderful way to complement the meaty flavors.


    Quantum Chef

    Here are some of the ideas posted on our Facebook page

    Frank Centamore Jr: Melted anchovy in coffee for a sauce

    Ross Christensen: Ribs rub

    Gavin Swonnell: Coffee and confit garlic potato pure with roasted lamb rump and pickled beets works well

    Tommy A. Morstad: Buffalo hanger steak w coffee and cinnamon. Chestnuts. Salsify. Spiced cream

    Peter Byron Thornhill: Beef tenderloin

    Aaron Manter: risotto

    Chris Griffin: Jobs coffee cure Kobe ribeyes


    Quantum Chef

    The FoodPairing coffee appetizer: Potato chip with Gruyère, Vanilla Oil and Coffee. Learn more at



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