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Sous Vide Problems

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    Jerry Kaufman

    I have been using an Anova One circulator to cook a variety of foods in zip lock bags. I have used recipes from a variety of sources (including your web site). In general I have been disappointed with the results as everything I cook tends to be both bland and dry compared to conventional roasting or grilling methods. I have also noticed that most foods cook in their internal juices which seep out into the bag during sous vide cooking (probably the cause of the dryness and blandness).

    I’ve tried to correct these problems by varying the cooking times, by pre-searing and/or post-searing, by adding oil to the bag before cooking and by not adding oil to the bag before cooking, by adding seasonings before and after cooking, etc. but nothing helps.

    What can I do to correct these problems?


    Quantum Chef

    Hi Jerry, sorry for the delay in responding. Are you removing all the air from the bag or have you tried vacuum sealing? Are you searing the food after cooking? This last step is very important to add flavor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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