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The easiest way to experiment Molecular Gastronomy

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    Quantum Chef

    You’ve come to the right site. Everything you ever wanted to know is right here. Amazing recipes. The latest techniques. Ingredients, tools and equipment. A guide to great restaurants and bars. Plus, a community of over 130,000 chefs, scientists and food lovers that share a passion for culinary science.

    If you are not very familiar with molecular gastronomy or modernist cuisine, start here

    Then select the right kit for you

    Molecular Gastronomy Essentials Kit: ideal kit if you want to master the spherification technique.

    Molecular Gastronomy Premium Kit: In addition to making large spheres and caviar with the spherification technique, the Molecular Gastronomy Premium Kit will allow you to make instant gel noodles, hot gels, oil foams, convert oil into powder, airs, frozen airs, bubbles, pearls, strong gels than can be sculpted, clear consomme spaghetti, hot ice cream and foams, modernist meringue, eggless custards, smooth modernist dairy gels, firm coating gels, constructed cheese, fluid gels, light to thick foams, thickening and emulsification of a wide variety of preparations. And with the FREE Ultra Thin Edible Film Discs, used by molecular gastronomy Chef Ferran Adria of el Bulli, you can make transparent bites that instantly melt in the mouth.

    Molecular Gastronomy Ultimate Kit: in addition to what you can make with the Premium Kit, this kit will allow you to make flavor tripping dishes, oil chips, sugar work resistant to humidity such as sugar globes, encapsulated olive oil drops, improve the texture in low fat alternatives, hot or cold foams with virtually any juice or liquid, jams, jellies, smooth ice cream, thin flavorful crispy sheets even with acidic ingredients, flavorful bubbles and clear flexible films with excellent sheen.

    Once you get the kit, you can access the growing number of exciting recipes for your specific kit here

    For a complete Spherification Course go here

    For videos of recipes and techniques go here

    If you want to get some molecular gastronomy books, here are some good ones

    And as always, if you have any questions we are here to help you. Just post your question in this forum.

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    I am teaching a science summer camp. There will be 80 kids divided into 4 classes (I’ll have them for about 85 minutes). Each class will be divided into 5 groups of 4 kids.

    When I read the kit descriptions and watch the videos, I cannot get an idea of the quantities the recipies produce so I’m at a loss as to which kit to purchase.

    i would like each kid to end up with a spoonful of each of 2 juice caviars, 1 noodle oof each of 2 gel spaghettis, a spoonful of frozen chocolate wind, a “fried egg” each (yogurt white, mango yolk) and 1 poprock coated strawberry.

    I will need 5 pipettes, 5 syringes (or do I need 2 per group to have an empty one to push noodle out?), 5 lengths of tubing, 1 silicon mold (if it makes 20 spheres).

    I know I will need to purchas the popping sugar separately and extra tubing. How long is the tubing for each strand of spaghetti the video shows? Where can I get extra syringes?

    If this is successful at summer camp, I would probably be able to do these classes with Community Education (adults) but I really have to understand quantities.

    I emailed the company for help but have not received a reply.

    Thank you for your help.

    Bernadette Burns


    Quantum Chef

    Hi Bernadette, I replied to you via email but it seems that you haven’t received it, I’ll forward you again. This project is very interesting!

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