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OUD SLUIS by Sergio Herman – Sluis


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Just a head’s up - if you want to experience Sergio Herman’s traditional yet modern seafood-based menu at Oud Sluis, you’ll need to make a reservation several months in advance because it’s that good! Though quite pricey, you’re paying for quality. He uses only locally-sourced foods and is proud to work with only the highest-quality products. The atmosphere is relaxed and romantic and the seafood is fresh and creatively prepared. Don’t be surprised if Sergio comes out to say hello while you’re there.

Chef: Sergio Herman

Molecular Meter: high. A la carte dining is available as well as a 4-course tasting menu for 150 Euro or a Père et Fils for 210 Euro

Awards: 3 Michelin stars, regularly placed on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the Elite Traveler World’s Best Restaurants

Address: Beestenmarkt 2, 4524 EA Sluis, Netherlands

Reservations: +31 117 461 269



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