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CORTON by Paul Liebrandt – New York


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The muted colors of Corton work to create an elegant slate that highlights the food and gives the diner a chance to enjoy the luscious French wines and creative yet classic dishes created by the chef who’s known for his past daring. Chef Liebrandt has toned down his flamboyancy to successfully create dishes that are both intricate and creative while remaining firmly grounded in classical French cuisine.

The wine list offers selections from several of the best regions in France, which makes sense considering that the restaurant is named after one of those regions. The tasting menu is seasonal and offers 6 courses for $125, which is a deal at a 2-Michelin-star NY restaurant. Chef works hard to present each ingredient at it’s very best, too, so it’s worth every penny.

Chef: Paul Liebrandt

Molecular Meter: high

Awards: 2 Michelin stars

Address: 239 West Broadway (between Walker & White Streets) New York, NY 10013

Reservations: 212.219.2777 and via OpenTable



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