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MOTO by Homaru Cantu – Chicago, Illinois.


Moto Restaurant - edible menu
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At moto molecular gastronomy is the application of both scientific and artistic principles in cuisine. Equal parts chef and inventor, Cantu challenges culinary convention and diners, stretching the boundaries of the former and taking the latter on a post-modern, interactive and fantastical gastronomical ride. Famous for the edible menu (see picture) and dishes that taste one way but resemble something else such as the Chili-Cheese Nachos, a dish which looks like the savory appetizer but is actually a sweet dessert with crumbled chocolate serving as “chili” and flash-frozen strips of mango playing the part of grated cheese.

Chef: Homaro Cantu

Molecular Meter: high , tasting menus of 10 and 20 courses.

Awards: MICHELIN Guide Chicago 2012 — Michelin welcomes Moto to Chicago’s Star list, with 2 Stars.

Address: 945 w. Fulton Market, Chicago Illinois

Reservations: 312-491-0058



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