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SCHWA RESTAURANT by Michael Carlson – Chicago


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If you’re not careful, you’ll drive right by this culinary treat located on the outskirts of Wicker Park in Chicago. Once you start eating, though, you’ll never forget it. A handful of highly skilled artists create dishes reminiscent of rustic fare that highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients in a fresh, intimate manner. Each intricate dish is created with intentionality and precision that reflects the chefs’ love of both food and art.

The restaurant itself is cozy and welcoming and you’ll find yourself enthralled by both the food and the atmosphere. There is no line between front of house and back; your chefs are your servers. Chef Michael wants to fully engage each of your senses as you make your way through one smoothly-executed course after another so that you have a seamless, delicious dining experience.

Chef: Michael Carlson

Molecular Meter: high

Awards: 1 Michelin star

Address: 1466 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Reservations: (773) 252-1466



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