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We'd love to showcase your work! Whether you are a professional chef or home cook, we encourage you to share your creations and collaborate to grow this amazing community. Just click the link below to submit your recipe.

Recipe Guidelines

-Recipe needs to include some molecular gastronomy technique.

-Recipe must be your own original creation, and not based on any other published recipe.

-Include a list of all required ingredients in specific, common household measurement units, step-by-step preparation instructions, and cooking times.

-Include quality picture of the prepared dish/cocktail with a minimum size of 720 pixels wide and not more than 500 pixels high. Pictures of critical steps in the recipe are recommended but not required.

-Links are not allowed.

-We will review your recipe and verify it complies with all the guidelines before publishing it. We reserve the right to edit the recipe or we can decide not to publish it.

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