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Beetroot Meringue Puffs Filled with Olive Oil Foam

Savory meringue puffs have been served by molecular gastronomy chefs for a while. Chef Jose Andres used to serve a  ... CONTINUE

Dehydrating Food in Creative Ways

Dehydrating foods has been done forever but more recently, molecular gastronomy chefs have been using the dehydrati ... CONTINUE

Spicy Cinnamon Puff Filled with Foie Gras

This modernist meringue has an extraordinary combination of flavors and textures. The smooth and rich foie gras pai ... CONTINUE

Dried-Olive Soil, Goat Cheese Foam and Radishes

The crunchy and sour pickled radishes pair incredibly well with the creamy goat cheese foam and the strong concentr ... CONTINUE

Banana with Parsley Dust

It was molecular gastronomy chef Heston Blumenthal who, using molecular profiling, first discovered that banana pai ... CONTINUE