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Tips for Paderno World Cuisine Egg Topper

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The Paderno World Cuisine Egg Topper is probably one of the best in the market. The problem is that it comes with no instructions to use it and it requires some practice to get a perfectly topped egg with a smooth and straight edge. (order Paderno Egg Topper from Amazon)

Here are some tips to help you obtain a perfectly topped egg shell. It will require some practice but I hope these tips will make topping an egg easier when trying the "Egg Foam and Chive Infusion" recipe.

1- Buy fresh extra large eggs

2- Place the egg with the thickest end down on a kitchen towel folded several times to create a small cushioned square for the Paderno Egg Topperegg.

3- Place the Paderno egg topper on the egg. Make sure it is centered and straight.

4- Hold the egg and the Paderno egg topper firmly with one hand. While looking from the top, with the other hand pull the handle to its full length and don’t release it until you triple check that the egg and Paderno egg topper are 100% vertical to the surface of the table. This is probably the most difficult step. If the egg topper is not vertically straight or if you are not holding the egg tightly, the impact of the Paderno egg topper will make the egg tilt slightly creating 2 broken lines on one side of the egg.

5- Then with a very sharp and thin blade knife like an art knife used by graphic artists and hobbyists, cut through the broken line carefully while making some slight upward pressure. When cutting through the broken line, sometimes the pressure is too much and one of the sides breaks. If you apply some upward pressure you are increasing the odds of breaking the upper part of the egg rather than the bottom part which is the one you want to be perfect.

6- Once you completely cut the egg shell, go around the cut one more time but this time inserting the tip of the knife a little further making sure you completely cut the inner egg membrane right to the edge of the egg and removing any broken egg shell pieces.

7- You can now pull the top off.

If you have a better technique for topping an egg or using the Paderno World Cuisine Egg Topper, please write a comment to this post!