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EL CELLER de CAN ROCA by Joan Roca – Girona


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The offer includes an excellent Tasting Menu, a Surprise Menu, and a Seasonal Menu. Incredible setting, very creative dishes, great variety of molecular gastronomy techniques and both savory and sweet dishes are outstanding. Learn more about El Celler de Can Roca here

Chef: Joan Roca (cuisine) – Jordi Roca (desserts) – Joseph Roca (dining room)

Molecular Meter:   high

Awards: Michelin Guide, 2 stars; Gourmetour Guide, 9.50;  Campsa Guide, 3 sun;  G.Guide Santos, 9. Named the 4th restaurant in the world.

Address: Ctra. Taialá, 40. (17007 Girona), Spain.

Reservations: +34  972 222 157



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