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MUGARITZ by Andoni Luis Aduriz – Errenteria


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Mugaritz has long been considered one of Spain’s most influential restaurants, and Andoni Aduriz one of its most talented and creative chefs. Mugaritz was recently voted number three in the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards. Aduriz has been called a “genius” by Food and Wine Magazine, and “a cult figure among Europe’s young avant-garde Chefs.” Chef Aduriz worked at el Bulli for two years with Ferran Adria and then at Berasategui's three Michelin Star restaurant. His culinary approach is naturalistic and modern. He grows herbs and produce in the garden behind the restaurant and uses ingredients from nearby woods to bring diners closer to the natural world.

Chef: Andoni Luis Aduriz

Molecular Meter: high

Awards: Two Michelin Stars. Known as  “…the most important gastronomic phenomena within today’s world…” the most prestigious Swedish, French, American, Italian and Japanese magazines focus on Aduriz work technology and cooking style.  Additionally, he was granted numerous awards and mentions: 2003 - The Bask Gastronomic Academy grants him the “Euskadi” Prize; he is also named “Cook of the Year” and “Baker of the Year” by The Best Gastronomy Guide; 2005 – obtains his 2nd. Michelin Star; 2006 – deserves the “Candid” Prize for gastronomic innovation; 2007 – rated among “The Best 50 Restaurants of the World”, by Restaurant Magazine. The guide “Campsa” grants him its maximum qualification: “Tres Soles” (3 Suns); 2012, Restaurant Magazine grants him the Chef’s Choice Award.

Address: Otzazulueta baserria Aldura-Aldea 20 20100 Errenteria, Spain

Reservations: 943-522-455 / 943-518-343 /



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