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TICKETS by Ferran Adria – Barcelona


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Considered a mini El Bulli opened on January 2011. Albert and Ferran Adriá had made the decision to intensify work on the Tapas concept back in 1991; this gave way to a particular way of understanding today’s cuisine: La Vida Tapa (the Tapa Life- meaning highly sophisticated Snack/Finger Food cuisine).

Chef: Ferràn and Albert Adrià

Molecular Meter: low

Awards: All those granted to El Bulli, Albert and Ferrán Adriá. Ferrán was voted Best Restaurant in the World five times for his El Bulli in Costa Brava.  (en nota largae más info)

Address: Avinguda Parallel 164,  Flotats building from 1930. Barcelona, Spain 08015

Reservations: 932 924 250

Webpage: E-mail:


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