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Color Changing Gin & Tonic w/ Blue Ice

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Color changing cocktails? Blue ice? Add a twist to your cocktails with butterfly pea flowers! These magical blue flowers, commonly used in Thailand, have a distinct bright blue color that can be used for food coloring. What is special about the intense blue extract from these flowers is that it changes to purple and pink with a citrus squeeze. Unleash your creativity with the new b'Lure butterfly pea flower extract!

b'Lure is a 100% natural, gluten free, gmo free, chemical free extract from butterfly pea flowers. b’Lure dances from blues to purples and pinks depending on surrounding light and the acidity (pH) of the drink or food it is mixed with. b’Lure with neutral and alkaline mixes (higher pH) is more blue (eg. when used with eggwhites, cream, coconut, herbs & spices, vodka,

Gin & Tonic color changing cocktail with blue ice tall

white rum, water). But b’Lure in more acidic mixes (lower pH) turns purple and pink (eg. when citrus is added). b'Lure is best used with clear spirits and mixers and clarified /filtered juices. You can purchase b'Lure in our store here.

With the butterfly pea flower extract you can make blue cocktails, blue ice, blue gels, blue foams and many other creations. Add a little citrus to the preparation and now you can make them purple. But even better, you can make your preparation change from blue to purple in front of your guests. Create a cocktail with butterfly pea flower extract but without its citric component and let your guests add the citrus at the table. Or make some blue ice and let it change the color of the drink to purple as it melts!

Let's make some blue ice for a Gin & Tonic and watch it turn purple!

Gin & Tonic color changing cocktail with blue ice


Blue Ice

- 2 cups of filtered water

- 8 dashes of butterfly pea flower extract

(quantity for Perfect Ice Cube tray)

Gin & Tonic (or use your favorite recipe)

- 2 oz Gin

- 4 oz Tonic water

- 1 Tbsp. lime juice

- Lime wedge for garnish


Blue Ice

1- Mix the water and the butterfly pea flower extract.

2- Fill the perfect ice cube tray.

Changing color Gin & Tonic

1- Fill serving glass with blue ice and garnish with lime wedge.

2- In another vessel stir all ingredients of Gin & Tonic.

3- Fill the glass in front of the guest.

Gin & Tonic color changing cocktail with blue ice top