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Saffron Crème Anglaise with Coffee Air

The Saffron Crème Anglaise with Coffee Air became one of my favorites! It is addictive and simple to make! The cr ... CONTINUE

New Ocean and Mountain

Chef Digilio improvises a new potential dish for his new menu based on an idea he had in mind. A large raviolo made ... CONTINUE

Music Generates Taste of Sour, Bitter, Sweet and Salty

Can you taste music? According to some scientists and musicians, the answer is “Yes.” Not only they have found  ... CONTINUE

Sierra Mist (cocoa nitro-air, yogurt foam, goat milk)

This dessert is an incredible combination of flavors, temperatures, textures and techniques with an amazing present ... CONTINUE

Egg, Bread, Truffle

If you like dipping crispy bread in runny egg yolk you are going to love this one. The “Egg, Bread, Truffle” is ... CONTINUE

Truffle of Sauce Grande

The Truffle of Sauce Grande, a delicious faux truffle of garlic foam with delicate garlic aromas, is a creation of  ... CONTINUE

Chef Digilio Brings El Bulli Style to Buenos Aires

Chef Alejandro Digilio, with over 17 years of experience and his training at Spain’s El Bulli, delights diners wi ... CONTINUE