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The Anti-Griddle at Home

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The Anti-Griddle is a machine with a cold 1 square foot griddle that dips to a temperature of -34 ˚C (-30 ˚F) and is used to freeze items quickly and to varying degrees of texture. The Anti-Griddle was developed by PolyScience, an industrial lab equipment manufacturer, as a request from some molecular gastronomy chefs.

This unique innovation opens a new dimension in freezing sauces, purees, crèmes and foams (see Anti-Griddle recipes). With the Anti-Griddle you can develop solid or semi-frozen creations with stable crunchy surfaces and cool, creamy centers. The dual texture and multi-temperature experience in one bite will definitely surprise your diners. You’ll also be able to amaze them by “cooking” on a cold griddle in front of their eyes.

Anti-GriddleThe Anti-Griddle sells for US$ 1199 on PolySience’s website but there is a much less expensive way of obtaining similar results at home. Simply rest a stainless steel surface on top of dry ice and you’ll be ready to start playing with Anti-Griddle recipes.

One of the differences between this home-made “Anti-Griddle” and the one from PolyScience is that the dry ice version will have a much colder surface at about -78 ˚C (-109 ˚F) so you’ll have to work a little faster and be careful not to burn yourself with the extreme cold surface. When handling dry ice, always follow the necessary safety precautions. Read Safe Handling of Dry Ice.


anti-griddle-home-madeThis is how I like to set up my “Anti-Griddle” at home:

1-Place a wood chopping board on the counter or table where you are planning to “cook”. Do this in a well ventilated area.

2-Cover it with a kitchen towel so that the dry ice block doesn’t slide and stays secure.

3-Place the dry ice block on the towel. DO NOT TOUCH the dry ice with your hands. Use a towel or oven mitt. Read Safe Handling of Dry Ice

4-Place a cooking sheet on top of the dry ice.

5-Spray it with olive oil or non-stick spray.

6-When removing the food items from the griddle do not eat them right away or you will burn your tongue. Wait for several seconds to let the temperature increase.

View the video below from PolyScience to learn about some of the appetizers and desserts that can be prepared with the Anti-Griddle. You can also read the Anti-Griddle Recipes category.