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Super Aladin Smoker and Aromatizer

The Super Aladin smoker is a heavy duty hand held food smoker used in molecular gastronomy that allows you to aromatize the wood smoke with ... CONTINUE

Sous Vide Equipment: What to Know Before You Buy

In sous vide cooking, temperature control is essential. Sous vide cooking requires a temperature controlled water bath and a means to vacuum seal the foods ... CONTINUE

Growing Micro Greens and Sprouts the Easy Way

Growing your own sprouts and micro greens usually requires too much work and dedication. But not anymore! For the last couple of months, I’ve been ... CONTINUE

Cocktail Gels (or fancy Jell-O shots!)

Unlike the traditional college jelly shots, which are usually made with fruit flavored gelatin and intensely spiked with vodka, the gelatin cocktails of molecular mixologists ... CONTINUE

Molecular Mixology – Gels, Paper, Caviar and more!

Molecular mixology brings science to the shaker to create new flavors, textures, surprising presentations and enhance the overall drinking experience. Bartenders and chefs leading the ... CONTINUE

Vaporization: Flavoring Food with Pure Aromatic Vapor

Vaporization is a technique applied by several molecular gastronomy chefs to bring sensory experiences to diners and to aromatize food. A vaporizer gently releases delicate ... CONTINUE

Sous Vide Cooking: An Introduction

Sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and describes the cooking of raw ingredients in heat-stable, vacuumized pouches at precise temperatures. Sous vide has several ... CONTINUE

Dehydrating Food in Creative Ways

Dehydrating foods has been done forever but more recently, molecular gastronomy chefs have been using the dehydration technique in very creative ways. Crunchy sheets, herb ... CONTINUE

Bubbles with Air Pump

Get your fish tank air pump ready for this technique used by molecular gastronomy chefs! The “bubbles with air pump” technique consists of injecting air ... CONTINUE

Holiday Inspiration: Pumpkin & Cranberry Flavor Pairing

This holiday season surprise your diners with an innovative dish combining flavors inspired by this pumpkin and cranberry pairing analysis. The scientific method of food ... CONTINUE

Rapid Infusion with the ISI Whip

Infusing liquids with other flavorful ingredients is a great technique to enhance flavors, create unique flavor profiles, build up the complexity of a dish or ... CONTINUE

Music Generates Taste of Sour, Bitter, Sweet and Salty

Can you taste music? According to some scientists and musicians, the answer is “Yes.” Not only they have found reliable associations between taste perception and ... CONTINUE