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El Bulli takes a step forward

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elBulli´s press release. 26.01.2010

During  his  speech  today  at  the  Madrid  Fusion  Summit,  Ferran  Adrià  has outlined the action plan of elBulli for the years 2010-2020.

In 2012 elBulli will celebrate 50 years since its conception, so Ferran Adrià and Juli Soler  have  decided  to  commemorate  this  anniversary with  the  closure  of one cycle and the beginning of a new phase, in which a radical approach to the creative  process  and  the  pursuit  of  new  challenges  and  stimulus  will  be  the main priority.

Based on this approach, the agenda of elBulli for the coming years will be the following one:

1)  In 2010, elBulli will open from 15th June until 20th December.

2)  The opening calendar of elBulli for 2011 will be released during   September 2010.

3)  elBulli will  remain  closed  to  the  public  during  2012  and  2013. This period  will  be  devoted  to  thinking,  planning  and  preparing  the  new format for subsequent years:

a.  In consequence, this will allow elBulli to have two creative centres: elBullitaller, currently located on Portaferrissa Street in Barcelona, and elBullirestaurant itself in Cala Montjoi.

b.  During  this  time all  the know-how about elaborations,  techniques and  styles  acquired  after  30  years  of  creative  research  will  be analysed,  and  the  results  of  said  work  will  be  compiled  in  a comprehensive and thorough encyclopaedia.

4)  elBulli will open again in 2014, constantly challenging the possibilities of the concept of a restaurant, based on the following criteria:

a.  Research will be prioritized over production.

b.  Each season will be different in terms of opening dates and times, capacity  of  the  restaurant  in  terms  of  diners,  staff,  etc.., going  beyond the pursuit of innovation that elBulli has been undertaking ever  since  the  decision was made,  among  other  things,  to  open only  for  6 months,  offer  only  one  sitting  per  day  and  cancel  the standard menu.