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Popping Chocolate (popping sugar, carbonated sugar)

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Popping sugar is a lot of fun for adults and kids alike. And now, thanks to the availability of unflavored popping sugar, it is very easy to use and adds a nice surprise to almost any dessert. In this case we are covering strawberries in chocolate and popping sugar!

Popping sugar, or also called carbonated sugar or pop rocks candy, consists of sugar bits containing carbon dioxide. As the sugar melts in the mouth, the carbon dioxide is released, producing a fizzy feeling on the tongue and a popping and sizzling sound. Carbon dioxide is also the gas used in carbonated beverages. The fizzy sensation comes from the concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2) which, as it gets released in the mouth, triggers a pain response from the nerves in the tongue and the mouth. This nerve response also intensifies Popping Chocolate and Strawberriesthe aromas and taste. This is why beverages taste blander after they lose its carbonation.

The process of making popping sugar consists of heating sugar until it melts into dust and cooling it down in a pressurized carbon dioxide chamber so high pressure bubbles of gas get trapped in the sugar bits. Dr. William A. Mitchell (October 21, 1911 – July 26, 2004) was an American food chemist who, while working for General Foods Corporation between 1941 and 1976, was the key inventor behind Pop Rocks, Tang, quick-set Jell-O, Cool Whip, and powdered egg whites. During his career he received over 70 patents. The Pop Rocks candy was first offered to the public in 1975. There is even a book about Pop Rocks titled "Pop Rocks: The Inside Story of America's Revolutionary Candy".

Popping sugar melts in contact with any aqueous liquid and should be stored in a dry environment. However, it does not melt when in contact with fat or oils so it can be mixed with ingredients such as chocolate, foie gras, ice cream or icing.


- Dark chocolate

- Popping sugar (buy popping sugar)

- Strawberries


1- Melt chocolate at very low temperature.

2- Dip strawberries in the chocolate.

3- Dip the chocolate covered strawberries in popping sugar.