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4th of July Layered Cocktails

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This 4th of July have fun with layered cocktails! With the CocktailMaster, making layered cocktails is a breeze regardless of the number of friends you have invited. Even better, let your friends come up with their own creations and have some fun. Just provide a good selection of colorful spirits and juices to inspire stunning looking cocktails.

The CocktailMaster is a convenient device that allows you to just pour the desired ingredients into the glass one at a time, fast and without practice, to obtain a perfectly layered cocktail in no time. The Cocktailmaster and layered drinks are based on the principle of liquid densities: sweeter liquids are heavier; drinks with higher alcohol content are lighter.


4 th of July Cocktail - Layered Drinks

Used by the busiest mixologists and chefs, the CocktailMaster is perfect for parties and large groups. The CocktailMaster is available in our store.

To get you inspired, here is a simple layered cocktail to get your 4th of July party started.


- 2 oz grenadine

- 2 oz blue curacao

- 1.5 oz vodka

- 0.5 oz milk


1- Wet the floater with water

2- Mix the vodka and milk to make the white spirit and reserve.

3- Start with the heaviest liquid which will always be the sweetest (the liquid with the most sugar content) and pour that into the glass. In this example, grenadine is the heaviest liquid. You can add one ice cube if you want.

Then add the Cocktailmaster to the glass and keep it in the glass until the layers are finished. You pour the layers into The Cocktailmaster and the floater will rise as each layer is added.

4- Add the next layer which must be a liquid that is not as heavy or dense as the first layer. This would be the blue curacao in this case.

5- Keep adding liquids making sure each layer is lighter (less dense) than the one beneath it. The final layer in this case is the vodka and milk.

Remove the Cocktailmaster and your drink is ready to be served.

Note: You can make any layer heavier or lighter by adding sugar, alcohol or water to it.