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Modernist vs. Traditional Cooking with Chefs Dufresne and Ripert

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Chef, author and television personality Eric Ripert's episode of "On The Table." with molecular gastronomy Chef Wylie Dufresne is phenomenal. While they cook a poached egg with centrifuged sherry consommé, they share their perspectives on modernist cuisine vs traditional cooking. Modernist Chef Dufresne says "We're just trying to understand things a little bit better so we can make better decisions when we cook something. And some of these pieces of equipment allow us to be very precise". Chef Eric Ripert, being a traditional cook, replies "If you bring too much discipline for me in a scientific way, my ADD kicks and I cannot cook".

Chef Wylie Dufresne also talks about how he became a chef, how he got into molecular gastronomy working with scientists and his new restaurant Alder in NY, a more casual place than his famous WD-50.  Both chefs also discuss the importance of creativity and what inspires them to come up with a new dish.

Watch the episode below, it is about 20 minutes long.