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Oil Crumbs

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The oil crumbs are crispy on the outside and melt in the mouth releasing a burst of flavor. In this case they were made with olive oil but they can also be made using coconut oil, walnut oil, almond oil or your favorite oil. This recipe is based on the molecular gastronomy technique of converting a high-fat liquid into powder using Tapioca Maltodextrin.


- 80 g (2.8 oz) olive oil, almond oil, walnut oil or your favorite oil

- 25 g (0.9 oz) Tapioca Maltodextrin

- 3 g salt (only if you use olive oil)



1- Whisk together the olive oil, Maltodextrin and salt in a bowl until individual crumbs begin to appear.

2- Heat the crumbs in a saucepan until they begin to take a round shape and are crunchy on the outside.

3- Reserve in a sealed container until needed.

Serving Suggestions

- Add it to any dish that goes well with olive oil. Just make sure it doesn’t get in contact with liquid or the crumbs will start melting before you can serve them.

- Substitute walnuts or almonds when plating by using the corresponding oil crumbs.