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Bitter Greens, Spring Onions, Salted Mackerel Vinaigrette

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One of our favorite dishes at the new restaurant Amass by Chef Matt Orlando, former head chef of Noma. A great combination of flavors and innovative presentation. The spring onions are charred on the barbecue, then, together with a mackerel vinaigrette, wrapped in a chard leaf. Everything is garnished with greens from the beach.


- 1 Filet Danish Mackerel

- 1 Large Spring Onion

- 1 Large Swiss Chard Leaf (or 2 small/medium ones)

Mackerel Vinaigrette at Modernist Restaurant Amass by Chef Matt Orlando

- 1 g Horseradish, grated

- 5 g Grapeseed Oil

- 2 g Lemon Juice

- 2 g Horseradish Leaf, chopped roughly

- Salt


- Nasturtium Flowers

- Beach Mustard


1- Season filet of mackerel with 5 grams of salt and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.

2- Next day, remove any bones, skin and bloodline from mackerel.

3- On a hot grill, grill spring onions until charred and tender.

4- Chop mackerel into a small dice and season with grapeseed oil, lemon juice, chopped horseradish leaf, grated horseradish and salt.

5- Wilt chard quickly, just until it softens.

6- Lay chard leaf flat and place grilled spring onion and marinated mackerel on top. Roll chard leaf and garnish with horseradish and nasturtium flowers and beach mustard.