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Coconut Foam with Fruit Salad and Ginger

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The coconut foam has become my favorite sweet foam. It is light, flavorful, has the perfect amount of sweetness and it is super easy to make. It can also be used in multiple dishes as it pairs well with chocolate, several fruits, ginger and even baked foie de canard.

In this case, the coconut foam is combined with a fruit salad made of mangoes, strawberries and bananas. The crystallized ginger pairs perfectly with the coconut and adds some spice.

Ingredients for Coconut Foam (6 servings)

- 2 tbsp sugar

- 2 tbsp water

Coconut Foam with Fruit Salad and Ginger- 3.5 g gelatin powder

- 400 g (14 oz, 1 can) coconut milk (do not use low fat)

Ingredients for Fruit Salad (6 servings)

- 2 cups of sliced strawberries

- 2 cups of diced mango

- 2 cups of sliced bananas

- 1 tbsp sugar

- Crystallized ginger


Coconut Foam

1- Make simple syrup by bringing the sugar and water to a boil while stirring.

2- Remove it from the heat and let it cool down at room temperature.

3- Mix the gelatin with ¼ cup of coconut milk and let it hydrate for a couple of minutes.

4- Warm the syrup in a saucepan until it reaches 90 °C (200 °F).

5- Add the gelatin mixture and stir for a couple of minutes until it dissolves. Remove from heat.

6- Add the previous mixture to the rest of the coconut milk and mix.

7- Pour the coconut mix into the ISI Whip, charge it with one N2O cartridge (use 2 cartridges if using 1 L ISI Whip) and shake vigorously.

8- Let it rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Assemble and Serve

1- Mix cut fruit with desired amount of sugar in a bowl.

2- Place one cup of fruit salad in each serving glass or bowl.

3- Top with coconut foam.

4- Garnish with crystallized ginger cut into a fine julienne.

Serving Suggestion

- Try the coconut foam with the Mango Croquant (recipe coming soon)