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Saffron Tagliatelle of Consomme Recipe

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These original saffron tagliatelle of consommé are another molecular gastronomy creation of Ferran Adria and El Bulli team. The delicate aroma of saffron and crystal clear pasta will delight your diners. This dish is not only visually appealing but also tastes great.

The tagliatelle are made using the technique invented by Ferran Adria of producing a thin film of a jellified liquid using Gellan and then cutting it in stripes using a pasta cutter.





Ingredients for Consommé

- 500 g (16 oz)  of unsalted chicken or vegetable broth

- 14 g (1/2 oz) of unflavored gelatin powder (if using gelatin filtration)

Ingredients for Saffron Tagliatelle (4 servings)

- 250 g (8 oz) unsalted consommé (see above)

- 10 saffron threads

- 4.8 g Gellan

- White truffle oil

- White truffle salt

- Minced Parsley


1. Prepare the consommé using your favorite technique or the gelatin-filtration technique created by Harold McGee.

2. Combine the consommé, saffron and Gellan in a pot and bring to a boil.

3. Pour the liquid on a flat tray of about 25 cm x 18 cm (10 in by 7 in) and quickly spread it all over the tray. Tilt the tray to get rid of any excess of liquid to obtain a very thin even film of about 1 mm. Do it fast or the liquid will gel before you get rid of the excess. This may require some practice but worst case scenario you may obtain a thicker film which is not so terrible.

4. Allow to gel completely in the flat tray for a few minutes.

5.  Cut into 0.5 cm thick strips with a pasta cutter (roller type) to make tagliatelle. I didn’t have a pasta cutter so I used a rolling herb mincer which resulted in wider tagliatelle but it worked. If you have patience you can also use a knife and a long ruler to help you get straight cuts. In any case I recommend getting a ruler to get straight cuts.

6. Place a few tagliatelle on each plate, add some white truffle oil, sprinkle some white truffle salt and minced parsley on top.

Serving Suggestions

- Ferran Adria serves the Saffron Tagliatelli at El Bulli restaurant with an Alfredo sauce and shaved white truffle on top ((Tagliatelle of consommé – carbonara). This dish usually follows a dish which he calls “Tartuffo glass”. For this dish, which is not really a dish, the waiter brings a huge white truffle to the table and shaves some of it into a wine glass for the diners to smell it. The waiter then extracts from the glass some white truffle shavings with a pair of tweezers and places them on top of the saffron tagliatelle of consommé.

- Saffron pairs well with seafood so adding some seafood to the saffron tagliatelle could make a great combination.

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  1. can you toss this tagliatelle in a hot sauce or would it fall apart?

  2. Kan AgarAgar be used instead of Gellan?

  3. What about  using the  mixture  and instead of  gelling it what do you  think about  sphereing it.  using  alginate.

  4. What is gellan? I am chilean and I don´t understand … Can it be ” Colapez” ??

  5. hi is it easy to source all the ingredients 

  6. nnnnn

  7. is it easy to source the ingredients 

  8. Does salt really mess with the mix? Wanted to try a dashi noodle…

    • Hi Thomas, yes, salt will act as an inhibitor and the gellan won’t convert into jelly.

  9. Does it have the texture of pasta or is it more like a gelatin texture?

  10. where can you get Gellan

  11. Can the Consommé be filtered with agar agar? I thought I remembered reading someplace that it wouldn’t work for this particular application? Also I’ve scene the grocery stores sells Beef Consommé, it has color so it would still need to be filtered but what would the difference between using Chicken Consommé (if i can find it, know they sell beef but unsure on chicken) vs. using chicken stock?

    • Yes, it should work with agar agar too like I mention in this article . If using agar agar, simmer the stock, add 0.15% of agar agar and stir to dissolve. Let it cool down in a flat container. Chicken consomme is better because it is not as strong as beef consomme and pairs better with the saffron.

      I hope this helps!

      • What is the difference bwtween agar agar and super agar? And would super agar work for this?

        • Super agar is not a specific product, just a marketing gimmick. There are different quality of agar, just make sure you buy from a trusted source.

  12. Can I make this without Gellan?

  13. what is gallan??
    is it same with gelatine??

  14. Would this pasta be able to hold it shape with a hot sauce on it?… Was thinking of making a Thai green curry but instead of adding coconut to the sauce, I wanted to make coconut cream pasta?…. Would the gellan work?

    • Hi Xen, yes, you can add a hot sauce as long as it is under 80 C. I think it may work with coconut cream but you may need to use a higher concentration. You’ll have to experiment. Make sure the cream has no salt or the gellan won’t gel.

  15. I did my own version by making a fruit consomme you no pinapple and chilli great together thats the main flavor in the consume its clarified with egg white you cant make pineapple jelly with gelletine the pine apple kills protein so you have to kill the enzyme with in the pine apple this is done by a red chilli instead of gelletine I used agar agar so it sets when its hot so in the end I made and clarified the consomme reduced it to intense the flavors whisked in lime and lemmon zest the past through a sieve added agar agar flatened out on a tray and one set I cutted out tagetteli shapes and had chilli and pineapple flavour pasta

  16. How long do they last after being formed?

  17. how sticky is the gellan sheet once it’s set? do you think it could be passed through a pasta roller (crank style) to cut it, or would that likely be a disaster?

  18. how do you suggest reheating the tagliatelle if you make them a day ahead?

  19. It doesn’t say anywhere whether its hi or low acyl gellan? I did try 2 experiments adapted from a similar recipe using high acyl. It says hydration occurs around 85° so i set thermomix to 90° (you cant set 86). Both times when it reached around 80° it turned to rubber in the thermo and was unworkable. The recipe actually said to boil in a pot but boiling theoretically shouldn’t be necessary. I use thermo for most gels and things but maybe i need to use a pot for this? Can you tell me what im doing wrong?

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