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Smoked Beer with The Smoking Gun

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Thanks to the versatility of the Smoking Gun we can infuse smoke into liquids. In this case I tried smoking different beers (Heineken, Corona and Guinness) with mesquite smoke. The resulting smoke flavor is subtle and adds a nice touch to the beer. The winner? According to my wife, the toughest food critic I know, the best results were obtained with the Heineken beer.

The idea of smoked beer is not completely new. Wikipedia says:

Smoked beer (German: Rauchbier) is a type of beer with a distinctive smoke flavor imparted by using malted barley dried over an open flame.


The Rauchbiers of Bamberg in Germany, Schlenkerla in particular, are the best-known of the smoked beers. Drying malt over an open flame may impart a smoky character to the malt. This character may carry over to beers brewed with the smoked malt.


1- Pour the beer in a glass or jug.

2- Prepare the smoking gun with mesquite wood chips.

3- Insert the Smoking Gun hose in the beer, but just keep it at the top, do not immerse it too much.

4- Cover the glass or jug with plastic wrap.

5- Turn on the Smoking Gun and light the wood chips.

6- Agitate the glass or jug slightly for a couple of minutes.

7- Enjoy the smoked beer!