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Smoked Spinach Salad

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The spinach is infused with a delicate smoke aroma using the Smoking Gun. Surprisingly delicious! The salad also has rosemary, dried cranberries, caramelized pecans and feta cheese. Wow!


- Fresh spinach

- Chopped fresh rosemary

- Caramelized pecans

- Dried cranberries


- Feta cheese cut in small squares

- Olive oil

- Balsamic vinegar

- Salt

- Applewood chips


1- Rinse spinach and dry it with paper towels

2- Place spinach in a container and cover it with lid or plastic wrap.

3- Load the Smoking Gun with applewood chips and fill the container with smoke.

4- Seal the container and let the spinach get infused with the smoke for 3 minutes.

5- Add the rest of the ingredients.

6- Season with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt.