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Creamy Kuzu Parmesan Gnocchi with Pea Water

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This melt-in-your mouth gnocchi, perfectly contrasted with the delightful saltiness of Parmesan cheese and sweet pea water, was inspired by 2-Michelin star Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz in Spain. The simple modernist flourless gnocchi are made with kuzu root starch.

Kuzu root starch is natural and unprocessed and is far superior in jelling strength, taste, and texture when compared to corn and potato starch. In this recipe, kuzu provides a smooth texture with no starchy or interfering taste. Learn more about Kuzu here.

Kuzu gnocchi with pea water

The original recipe of Chef Aduriz uses Ideazabal cheese instead of Parmesan and the gnocchi are served in an Iberico ham broth instead of pea water.


Kuzu Gnocchi

- 300 ml water

- 100 g grated Parmesan cheese

- 25 g Kuzu

 - 2 g salt

- micro greens

- Caviaroli olive oil caviar

Pea Water

- 1 kg (2 lb) frozen peas

- salt

- lemon juice


Cheese Water

1- In a pot over medium heat combine 300 ml of water, 100 g of cheese and salt. Process with an immersion blender while heating until thoroughly mixed. If you have a Thermomix, use it to blend and heat at the same time.

2- Once it starts simmering, remove from heat and let it stand for 30 minutes.

3- Pass the mixture through a fine sieve lined with cheese cloth to collect the cheese water.


Kuzu Gnocchi

1- Dissolve the Kuzu in the cold cheese water.

2- Bring the mixture to the boil, reduce the heat and continue to cook while stirring constantly for about 20 minutes until you obtain a gooey consistency.

3- Let the "dough" cool down a little and transfer it to a piping bag and leave it to cool down further for a few minutes.

4- While the dough is still warm, immerse the tip of the piping bag in iced water and cut off small gnocchi-shaped lengths of the piped dough.

5- Before serving, warm up the gnocchi by immersing them in pea water or broth over low heat.

Pea Water

1- Defrost the peas.

2- Blend them thoroughly until you obtain a smooth puree.

With Centrifuge

If you are using a centrifuge to make the pea water, you are also going to obtain a delicious silky pea butter. Spread the pea butter on a thin toast or cracker to complement this dish! We use our PrO-Xtract centrifuge series by Centurion Scientific.

1- Fill the 4 bottles evenly. Weigh them and adjust until all have exactly the same weight.

2- Set centrifuge to the below:
- RPM 4000
- Time - 3 hours
- Decel - 6
- Acel, leave as standard

3- Once complete, the 1st layer will be the pea water, the 2nd layer is the pea butter and the 3rd layer is the solids. Pour the water into a separate container, carefully remove the butter with a spoon or spatula and discard the 3rd layer. Store everything in the refrigerator until serving.

Without a Centrifuge

We'll use cryofiltration to obtain the pea water.

1- Place the pea puree in a flat container in the freezer. Make sure it fits in the perforated steam pan. You are then going to unmold the frozen liquid and place it in the perforated steam pan.

2- Line a perforated steam table pan with 4 layers of cheesecloth and place it inside a non-perforated steam table pan of the same size.

3- Remove the frozen pea puree from container, place it over the cheesecloth and store it in the fridge for 24 hours.

4- Collect the clear pea water from the bottom steam table pan.

Assemble and Serve

Kuzu gnocchi plating

1- Warm up the gnocchi by immersing them in pea water or broth over low heat. Warm additional pea water in a separate pot.

2- In a bowl plate, arrange 5 gnocchi and some Caviaroli.

3- Place a micro-green on each gnocchi.

4- At the table, pour hot pea water on the plate.