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Beetroot Meringue Puffs Filled with Olive Oil Foam

Savory meringue puffs have been served by molecular gastronomy chefs for a while. Chef Jose Andres used to serve a  ... CONTINUE

Olive Oil Foam

The olive oil foam is a great innovative way to incorporate olive oil with a different texture to any dish. The oli ... CONTINUE

Spicy Cinnamon Puff Filled with Foie Gras

This modernist meringue has an extraordinary combination of flavors and textures. The smooth and rich foie gras pai ... CONTINUE

Truffle of Sauce Grande

The Truffle of Sauce Grande, a delicious faux truffle of garlic foam with delicate garlic aromas, is a creation of  ... CONTINUE

Coconut Foam with Fruit Salad and Ginger

The coconut foam has become my favorite sweet foam. It is light, flavorful, has the perfect amount of sweetness and ... CONTINUE

Goat Cheese Foam

The goat cheese foam is phenomenal. It pairs perfectly with olive bread, truffle honey, almonds and pears. ... CONTINUE

Egg Foam with Chive Infusion

The buttery taste and lightness of this egg foam combined with a perfectly topped egg shell will make the perfect m ... CONTINUE

Spinach Foam Recipe

The spinach foam or espuma can complement a wide variety of dishes. It can be served cold as a firm foam or warm as ... CONTINUE

Potato Foam Gnocchi with Roasted Potato Skin Consomme

Ferran Adria's potato foam gnocchi are served with a consomm√© of roasted potato skin, whipped cream and sea water  ... CONTINUE

Bell Pepper Foam Recipe

This airy roasted bell pepper foam is made with the ISI Whip and it pairs well with vegetables. ... CONTINUE