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Frozen Parmesan Air Recipe

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This molecular gastronomy recipe created by Ferran Adria at El Bulli is absolutely delicious and easy to make. The parmesan air has a very intense parmesan flavor so if you love parmesan cheese you are going to love this recipe.


Parmesan Solution
- 500 g (18 oz) grated parmesan
- 450 g (16 oz) water

Parmesan Air
- 250 g (9 oz) parmesan solution
- 1.3 g lecithin (0.52%)



1- Start by mixing the grated parmesan with the water and heat to 80 ˚C (176 ˚F).

2- Steep for 30 minutes and strain with a strainer covered in cheese cloth.

3- Add the necessary lecithin to reach a concentration of 0.52% and blend. This is about 1.3 g of lecithin for every 250g of parmesan solution.

4- Put the solution in a flat container that will allow you to collect the air when using an immersion blender on the surface of the liquid.

5- Let the formed air rest for 1 minute and then collect with a spoon. Freeze the air in a container. You can also use it to complement dishes without freezing it.


Serving Suggestions
- Serve with dried fruit on top
- Serve in a Styrofoam box, ask guests to stir in the fruit or muesli a little at a time into the frozen parmesan air (El Bulli dish)

Serving Suggestions without freezing it
- On top of mushroom soup, pasta or risotto.