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Elderflower Foam

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The subtle elderflower aroma and sweetness of the elderflower foam are a great complement to a glass of champagne. The foam could also be used over strawberries for a delicious dessert.


- 200 ml (6.8 oz) St. Germain (elderflower liquor)

- 200 ml (6.8 oz) Chardonnay white wine

- 4.3 g gelatin powder



Elderflower Foam 720


1- Warm the St. Germain and Chardonnay in a saucepan using medium heat.

2- Add the gelatin powder and mix until completely dissolved.

3- Remove saucepan from heat and let it cool at room temperature.

4- Pour the mixture into an ISI Whip, screw one ISI cream charger (2 chargers if using 1L ISI Whip) and shake vigorously.

5- Refrigerate for several hours.

6- Pour champagne in a glass until you fill about ¾ of it.

7- Top with the elderflower foam.

8- Garnish with orange peel.

Serving suggestions

- Try elderflower foam with strawberries.

  • Bjsconsulting

    I would like to know if you can help. I am trying to take a foam or emulsification and dry it out to have the texture of foam. can i change a liquid to a foam and then to a hard substance. Without freezing the foam? Can i dehydrate the foam do you know of any techniques that may work.

    • Anonymous

      This sounds very similar to meringue puffs. Instead of using egg whites just create the foam using Methyl Cellulose or Versawhip and maybe some Xanthan gum. You´ll have to dehydrate the foam for about 4 or 5 hours but it will depend on the thickness.

    • Nicholas Kim

      Use Soy Lecithan

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  • Rob

    so I did this. I didn’t have a scale which could measure 4.3g of gelatin. I used a scale and stopped adding gelatin when it changed from 4 – 5g. (hopefully would be 4.5g) The foam was great that night. The next night I tried to use it again (it had been in the fridge all day) and nothing came out. I opened the isi whip and the entire liquid had gelified. Was this because there was too much gelatin? Or is it a recipe that needs to be used within a certain period of time? Fridge too cold? Any thoughts?

    • QuantumChef

      Too much gelatin is probably the issue.

      • Robert Spadoni

        Couldn’t they have warmed their isi up in a warn water bath in order to loosen the gelatin re-liquefy the foam?

        • SuperChef

          Good question! No answer?

          • guest

            you need to double boil on flat top

          • zach

            then up the st germain

  • Paul

    can sheet gelatin be used?

    • QuantumChef

      yes, no problem

  • SuperChef

    FYI: You could probably use elderflower syrup instead of the outrageously expensive St. Germain (elderflower) liqueur. You’d have to use less of it since the syrup tends to be very sweet. Experiment with the balance between Chardonnay and syrup till you get it right.

  • Bev2

    would this be suitable for large numbers?? could you keep the gelatin and eldeflower heated and keep topping up the whipper? also roughly how many drinks would you get from 1 charger if i was using the isi gourmet i litre? Thanks

    • QuantumChef

      Yes, it is perfect for large numbers. You can’t top the whipper, you need to charge it and let it rest in the fridge for a few hours. Don’t know exactly how many drinks but keep in mind that it expands 3 to 4 times so 1 liter can last a while.

  • Luis A Hernandez

    what would a basic ratio be of gelatin to liquid for any cocktail if I wanted to turn any kind of cocktail to a foam ?? say 8 oz liquid what would my gelatin ratio be ???