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Caviaroli Olive Oil Caviar with Prosciutto

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As you probably know from our previous post, the olive oil caviar by Ferran Adria is finally in the market after two years of research and it is commercialized under the brand Caviaroli. There are numerous applications of Caviaroli as olive oil pairs well with a wide variety of ingredients.

In this case, we are serving Caviaroli olive oil caviar on top of a slice of toasted baguette with Prosciutto. I would prefer to use Iberian ham but I used the Prosciutto I already had in my fridge.

The Caviaroli not only adds the amazing flavor of excellent Spanish olive oil but also adds a great yellow color that contrasts perfectly with the Prosciutto. You can buy Caviaroli in our store. Enjoy!


Caviaroli Olive Oil Caviar on Prosciutto