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Liquid Popcorn with Caramel Froth

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The liquid popcorn with caramel froth is a surprising drinkable modernist dessert. It is quite sweet and it is best served warm in a shot glass.

Liquid Popcorn Ingredients

- 35 g (1.2 oz) canola oil

- 150 g (5.3 oz) popcorn kernels

- 7 g (0.25 oz) kosher salt

- 90 g (3.2 oz) butter

- 75 g (2.6 oz) sugar


- 750 g (1lb 10.5 oz) water

Caramel Froth Ingredients

- 250 g (8.8 oz) sugar

- 200 g (7.1 oz) water

- 75 g (2.6 oz) simple syrup

- 5 g (0.18 oz) soy lecithin powder


Liquid Popcorn

1- In large pot heat oil until lightly smoking.

2- Add popcorn kernels and cover pot.

3- Shake pot constantly while kernels pop.

4- Remove pot from heat when kernels stop popping.

5- In second large pot, combine 125 g (4.4 oz) popped corn, salt, butter, sugar and water.

6- Bring to simmer over medium heat and simmer for 5 min.

7- Strain through china cap strainer, pushing liquid through with back of ladle until only popcorn kernels remain in basket. Discard kernels.

8- Transfer liquid to blender and blend on high speed for 3 min or until smooth.

9- Strain through chinois. Keep warm.

Caramel Froth

1- In small saucepan, heat sugar and 75 g (2.6 oz) of water over medium heat to 171 °C (340 °F).

2- Remove from heat.

3- Immediately add remaining 125 g (4.4 oz) water and simple syrup. TAKE CARE as mixture will bubble and splatter.

4- Whisk until dissolved.

5- Pour into tall, narrow container and let cool to warm.

6- Add lecithin and blend with immersion blender incorporating air until frothy.

Assemble and serve

1- Pour warm popcorn broth into tall shot glasses, filling them half full.

2- Spoon caramel froth over broth to fill glasses three-fourths full.

  • Tinfoilduck

    Wow, this sounds easy to make.

  • Mmmak

    This is quite delicious and simple to make, lovely.

  • Matt3

    Having trouble getting the caramel to froth. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t generate as much froth as what you get with other liquids so what I usually do is spoon what I can get, then blend again and repeat the process.

    • Dennis

      add more lecithin or ur mix is too cold…

  • Djconsul

    The picture shows about 3 different layers whereas the recipe relates to just two…the liquid popcorn and the caramel frothy… am I missing anything…. greeeat site… don’t stop whatever you do  and thanks for everything 

    • Anonymous

      No, you didn’t miss anything. The layers are produced by the extra liquid in the caramel frothy that starts sinking into the liquid popcorn.

      Thanks for the compliments!

  • Raspberry_2010

    Does this recipe have to be served warm? that is, i want to make it for my class, but i don’t know if it can last throughout that day

    • QuantumChef

      warm is better

  • Leebrown

    I made this recipe this way and found it to be very good but improved it for how i liked it. just fought i would share it with you. i added caramel liquid into my popcorn liqour towards the end of passing off. i then passed the luquid as have you did. then i reduced by half. i also found that this way it was more intense. my caramel froth i made a butterscotch sauce and added milk to let down. i didnt used lectin because i went for a more natural form

    • QuantumChef

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • GROSS!

    This is a joke, right? Pleeeease tel me it’s a joke! I cannot fathom anyone looking at that and thinking ‘Hmm, I oughta try that, bet it tastes good’. Seriously, it’s the epitome of classless, obese Americanism.

    • Kym Knudsen

      again.. no one is shoving this down the obese peoples mouths. you control what you eat.. if you cant control yourself.. don’t complain.. its like blaming media for your child’s bad behavior.

  • kitchen elf

    Oh wow, what it boils down to is you’re DRINKING butter, oil, salt and sugar. I’m flabberghasted. Good job contributing to the obesity epidemic in America! Paula Dean would approve, she once used donuts in place of buns for a hamburger. If that’s not horrendous irresponisable self-loathing behavior, I don’t know what is.

    • Kym Knudsen

      your opinionated ignorant comment is what is horrendous. its not like you were forced to consume or even read this recipe. get over yourself.

  • lee brown

    Its not easy to get your book in the uk. can you send me details please. i have been very into what you do since trying to copy your popcorn liquid. email twitter @LeeBrown91

  • shivam :D

    Love the idea, love the site.
    Since I’m in India it’s like annoying to keep ordering the molecular products again and again. Since Lecthin is an derivative from egg yolk, can I use egg yolk to emulsify the caramel? If yes how many grams of yolk would be right?

    • QuantumChef

      Sorry, I haven’t tried this so I can’t guide you.

  • Seth

    Great recipe but I don’t see anything about giving credit to Grant Achatz of Alinea since this recipe is straight out of Alinea.

  • AieaChef

    I’m new to this site but I am enjoying the recipe ideas. Regarding this particular recipe, to make this a more “adult” drink, what do you think about adding a little popcorn flavored vodka to the liquid popcorn and serve it in a glass that way?

    • QuantumChef

      I think this is a great idea! Adding regular vodka should be sufficient, there is plenty of popcorn flavor.

      • Daniel Cox

        I want to add Rum… Hot Buttered Rumcorn….

        • QuantumChef

          Mmmmm, I like it!

  • KermitCooker

    Would liquid soy lecithin work instead of the powder? BTW- thanks for all of the info on this website, it’s great!

    • QuantumChef

      Glad you like the website! Never tried but I don’t think it will work.

  • have fun

    This sounds like a wonderfully decadent holiday indulgence! To all you gripers…this recipe is a clever adaptation of a food into a drink….eating or drink the ingredients doesn’t make one better or worse than the other. One would consume far more oil, butter, sugar and calories in a bag of caramel corn from the fair or in a chocolate bar. Get a life and focus on things that interest you and leave the things that don’t to the people that DO enjoy them.

  • Shivam

    Hey this has 4 layers, and the recipe only mentions 2 (the popcorn broth and the caramel froth) what are the other 2?

    • QuantumChef

      Nothing else, it is just some extra liquid in the caramel froth sinking and creating “layers”.

  • Reb Cheff

    can I put caramel froth in a isi whipper? how about plain caramel?

    • QuantumChef

      What are you trying to achieve? Plain caramel will get stuck in the whipper.

      • Reb Cheff

        I want to create a hardened foam/ sponge. I would keep the whipper in a hot bath so the caramel wont solidify. I’m nervous about pressurizing it.
        thanks for the help

        • QuantumChef

          I don’t think this is going to work. The caramel will get stuck in the siphon tip.

          • Reb Cheff

            However as far as pressurizing the caramel you don’t think that it’s dangerous? is that right?
            Thanks for all the help.

          • QuantumChef

            when it is really hot? No, I wouldn’t do it.

  • Sean Robinson

    Will the caramel froth work with Xanthan Gum instead of Soy Lecithin?

    • QuantumChef

      Unfortunately no.

      • Sean Robinson

        Darn! Thanks!

      • Jared Goldstein

        Can i just put it into a ISI Whip and charge it?