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Vanishing Cone, Micro Salad, Olive Oil Caviar

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A delicious one-bite salad with micro greens, micro flowers, olive oil caviar and balsamic glaze presented in an ultra-thin edible film funnel. Easy to grab with the hands, the edible film funnel instantly melts in the mouth revealing the micro salad. Then, the olive oil caviar bursts in the mouth releasing high quality Spanish olive oil to complete the salad dressing. A fun experience that will certainly surprise your diners!

Very easy to make and perfect to welcome the spring! We use the micro greens and micro flowers from Fresh Origins Farm, which are always fresh and have great flavor. The ultra-thin edible film funnels and Caviaroli olive oil caviar can be purchased from our online store.


Vanishing Edible Film Cone, Micro Salad, Olive Oil Caviar

Vanishing obulato cone salad components


- Ultra thin edible film funnels

- Micro greens

- Micro flowers

- Caviaroli Olive Oil Caviar

- Balsamic glaze

- Sea salt flakes


Vanishing cone salad - dispensing balsamic glaze with pipette1- Make sure work surface and your hands are completely dry. Micro greens and flowers shouldn’t have any moist either. If they do, place them on paper towels until they are dry.

2- Get one edible film funnel and using a tweezer, carefully arrange some micro greens and micro flowers inside.

3- Using a pipette, place a few drops of balsamic glaze in between the greens without touching the edible film. The balsamic glaze will start melting the funnel if they get in contact.

4- Place a small spoon of olive oil caviar on top of the micro salad.

5- Season with sea salt flakes.

Fresh Origins sells through distributors. For individual quantities, you can purchase fresh micro flowers and micro greens at:

Marx Foods