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Disappearing Transparent Ravioli

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Created by molecular gastronomy Chef Ferran Adria, the transparent raviolis became an icon of el Bulli menu in 2009. The transparent and ultra thin “pasta”, which looks more like a thin plastic wrap, dissolves in the mouth instantly releasing the contents of the ravioli.

In this dish, Chef Ferran Adria presented the diner with three transparent raviolis filled with roasted pine nut praline, raw pine nut praline and pine cone oil with roasted pine nut. The diner was asked to dip the raviolis in a green pine cone infusion before eating them. The thin transparent “pasta” melted in the mouth instantly surprising the diner one more time. Shown in picture below.

Disappearing Ravioli by Ferran Adria

The disappearing transparent raviolis are made with round oblate, ultra thin and transparent edible film discs made of potato starch and soy lecithin that instantly dissolve as they get in contact with water. The edible film discs do not dissolve when in contact with oil or liquid ingredients with low water content. Their neutral flavor makes them ideal for any type of savory or sweet preparation.

Edible Film

The disappearing transparent raviolis can be filled with a wide variety of ingredients like crèmes, praline, flavored oils, honey, foie gras, prosciutto, Nutella, dried fruits and vegetables, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables brushed with oil, fried fish, meat or seafood and many other ingredients with low water content.

The oblate ultra thin edible film discs can be cut with regular scissors to obtain any desired shape and can be sealed by applying heat with a sealer. The film should be handled on a dry surface with dry hands. Any moisture will start melting it. It is also very light, so any gentle breeze will fly it away. You can purchase the edible film discs and sealer from our store.

Oblate Transparent Ravioli

The edible film tends to stick to the palate and tongue before it melts and disappears. This is not necessarily the best eating experience. To prevent this, the edible film ravioli just needs to be dipped in a watery liquid, such as the green pine cone infusion used by Chef Ferran Adria, so that it becomes slippery. Once dipped, the transparent ravioli needs to be consumed immediately or the oblate will melt before it gets to the mouth.

Making Transparent Ravioli

Making Transparent Ravioli

Oblate Transparent Ravioli1- With dry hands, gently fold the ultra thin edible film disc in half.

2- Set the timer of the sealer between 1 and 1.5. Adjust as necessary.

3- Place the folded film on the heating element of the sealer, making a 45 degree angle with the folded side.

4- Press the handle knob until the indicator light turns off, wait for a couple of seconds and release it.

5- Fill the created pouch with the desired solid or liquid ingredient (using a syringe, pipette or squeeze bottle). Do not overfill with liquid or it will be difficult to make the final seal. I recommend you first try with solids, which are much easier to seal, until you get familiar with the technique.

6- Gently place the filled pouch on the heating element of the sealer to make the third side of the transparent triangular ravioli. If you filled the pouch with liquid, keep it slightly upright to avoid spilling the liquid.

7- Press the handle knob until the indicator light turns off, wait for a couple of seconds and release it.

8- Cut the excess of film using regular scissors. Your transparent ravioli is ready!

You can purchase the edible film discs and sealer from our store.