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Modern Velvet Czarina Cocktail

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This modernist cocktail has been shared by our community member Leonardo Cappiello, bar manager at Just Cavalli in Milan. Leonardo has worked in the food/beverage industry for 15 years with dedication and passion. His passion motivates him to study, be informed about the latest trends and attend training courses to update himself.

The original recipe of Czarina calls for vodka, apricot brandy, dry vermouth and angostura bitter. But mixologist Leonardo created this Modern Velvet Czarina with a twist by changing some of the ingredients and adding a smooth vanilla foam on top.

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Modern Velvet Czarina cocktail


- 10 ml Tio Pepe Fino Sherry

- 6/7 drops bitter licorice

- 15 ml apricot brandy

- 30 ml vodka

- 20 ml vanilla liquor

- pinch of sucrose ester


1- Flavoring ice with Tio Pepe Fino Sherry. In a mixing glass add ice and 10 ml of Tio Pepe. Begin mixing and once the ice has scented with Tio Pepe, transfer everything to the service glass.

2- In a mixing glass, mix 6/7 drops of bitter licorice, 15 ml of apricot brandy and 30 ml of vodka.

3- Empty the service glass which is now scented with Tio Pepe and strain the previous mix from step 2 into the glass.

4- To make the velvet, mix 20 ml of vanilla liquor with a pinch of Sucrose Ester using an immersion blender until it starts to mount like egg whites. (It is usually easier to prepare a larger quantity that you can use to make multiple cocktails)

5- Using a spoon, carefully scoop some vanilla velvet over the cocktail.