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Strawberry Ice Cream Cheesecake, Bell Pepper Jelly

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Recipe from our community member Ryan Patrick Dimapilis, Executive Chef at Two Seasons Resorts Philippines. Thank you for sharing this creative dessert!

Recipe yields 36 servings



- Cream cheese 470 g

- Sugar 1 ¼ cup

- Cream  500 g

- Sour cream 400 g

- Xanthan gum  1 tsp

Strawberry Ice Cream Cheese Cake w/ Roasted Bell Pepper Jelly



Pepper Jelly

- Roasted Red Bell Pepper 140 g

- Grenadine syrup 1 cup

- H2O  1 ½ cup

- Knoxx  gelatin – 4 sachet + 4 tbsp cold water. 8 grams per sachet

Caramel Sand

- 11 g Caramel Syrup

- 20 g Tapioca Maltodextrin

- 5 g Crushed Graham

Smoke Flavor

- 1 tsp Strawberry Extract flavor

- 1 cup H2o

- Dry Ice pellets



1- In a sauce pan mix cream, sugar and sour cream simmer until sugar is dissolved.

2- Add cream cheese, mix using hand blender, blend until mixture is fully incorporated, smooth and no lumps.

3- Off heat, add xanthan gum and let it cool over an ice bath while continue mixing with hand blender.

4- Pour the mixture in a 1 oz / 1.75 inch (4.445 cm) half sphere silicon mould mat, level off the top of the mould with spatula to make them smooth.

5- Cover with plastic wrap then freeze until solid.

6- Unmold the cheese cake mixture. Gently heat the half cheese cake sphere with blow torch to slightly melt and press two half gently together.

7- Put it back in the freezer to set the halves into a ball shape. Stick it with bamboo skewer for dipping.

Pepper Jelly

1- In a pan simmer roasted bell pepper water and grenadine syrup for 30 minutes. Puree.

2- Sprinkle the Knoxx gelatin evenly with cold water then add to pureed mixture, mix until incorporated.

3- Warm mixture to 40 °C.  Then start dipping the frozen cheese balls. Dip 3 times.

4- Store in freezer.

Caramel Sand

1- Mix all ingredients until powdery stage

 Assemble and serve

1- In a clean and dry bowl put dry ice pellets, cover the pellets with pebbles and top with another stone where you will place the caramel sand.

2- Lay the ice cream cheese ball on the sand, garnish the ball with basil leaves.

3- For the strawberry smoke effect, serve then pour the smoke flavor mixture into the bowl at the table.