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Carrot, Coffee, Coconut and Oranges

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As we've seen in the "Potato chip with Gruyère, Vanilla Oil and Coffee" recipe, coffee is a fine and versatile product that pairs perfectly with savory foods and this recipe pairs it with carrots, coconut and orange. This delicious flavor combination is a result of the scientific method of food pairing that we explained in our article “Food Pairing in Molecular Gastronomy”.

Thanks to the website FoodPairing, the scientific method of pairing ingredients is now available to everyone. Some foods are free to access and others require a subscription but it is well worth it! You can create your own combinations by selecting an ingredient and the FoodPairing tool will show you more good pairing foods ranked by affinity. You can filter the foods by category (e.g. beverages, condiments, dairy, etc) and select the ingredient you like.


FoodPairing will then show you the foods that match with all the ingredients you have selected so far. It is a great way to get to know new ingredients and use them in creative combinations to impress your guests. Learn more about FoodPairing here.


- 9 g grated coconut
- 1 g ground coffee
- 0.3 g salt
- cooked carrots
- orange pieces


1- Mix the coconut with the coffee and the salt.

2- Roll the carrots in the mixture.

3- Serve with some pieces of orange.


  • Gary Stevenson

    The Food Pairing concept and website look great. I just signed up for their trial version but it would only let you try and pair a very limited number of ingredients. The few pairings I could get to work were not very clear at all. Great concept but It still needs a lot of work. I sure wouldn’t pay for a subscription as their parings also seemed rather vague.

  • Trent H Simpson

    Curious what the green garnish is, basil?

    • QuantumChef


  • Norm Gray

    I’m assuming that it’s a dessert and not an entree and think it’s missing cream or ice cream. Also, could the carrot be coated in honey to make the granules adhere better? Or is the addition of cream, ice cream and/or honey likely to spoil the flavour pairing?