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Oyster with Sea Gel and Aromas

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The creative presentation of this dish will give you a complete sensory experience. Chef Eneko Atxa of Azurmendi has perfected the art of bottling scents in order to add the smell of the sea to this decadent dish. The visual appearance places you tableside by the ocean and the intense flavors just complete the dish. The smooth texture of the oyster and the light crunch of the tempura really took this dish over the top for us.

In this dish Chef Atxa also uses the curious oyster leaves. The oyster leaf is a leaf that grows wild on the coast of Scotland and tastes like oysters. The leaf is served in its natural form.

Thanks Chef Atxa!





Ingredients for 10 servings

Ingredients for Baby Squid Broth

- 840g (30 oz) clean begihaundi (Basque style squid)

- 230g (8.2 oz) poached onion

- 13g (0.5 oz) sunflower oil

- 23 ml (0.8 oz) Txakoli (a slightly sparkling, very dry white wine)

Ingredients for the Tremella

- 5g  (0.18oz) Tremella

- 75ml (2.5 oz) squid broth

Ingredients for Sea Gel

- 125g (4.409oz) mussels

- 125g (4.409oz) chirla (similar to clams)

- 1.5g (0.053oz) sorbitol

- 0.1g Xanthan Gum

Ingredients for the Aroma of Sea

- 500ml (17 oz) seawater

- 80g (2.8 oz) barnacle (cheaper)

- 80g (2.8 oz) salted sea lettuce algae

Other Ingredients

- 10 pieces Gillardeau oysters number 0

- 1 pieces salicornia barqueta

- 10 anemones

- 65g (2.3 oz) Codium seaweed

- 65g (2.3 oz) seaweed Piscilata

- 33g (1.2 oz) tempura flour

- 20 sheets of oysters (oyster leaves)

- Dry ice


Baby Squid Broth Preparation

1 - Clean the begihaundis, leaving the skin on.

2 - Cut into squares about 4 inches.

3 - In a pan, heat the oil until it is smoking.

4 -  Brown the begihaundi, scraping the bottom but do not grab them and don't burn. (If you release liquid strain and set aside).

5 - Deglaze with the txakoli and add the julienned, poached onion.

6 – Cook until very dark brown. (Not burned).

7 – Cover with water and reduce gradually.

8 - When reduced by half, cover with water and reduce by half again.

9 - Strain

10 - Reduce almost ¾ parts until you have an almost black color.

Tremella Preparation

1 - Hydrate the fungus in cold water for 10 minutes.

2 - Remove the hard, yellowish part of the fungus.

3 - Cook for 10 minutes in baby squid broth.

4 - Let the fungus cool in broth.

5 - Strain and reserve.

Sea Gel Preparation

1 - Thoroughly clean the mussels.

2 - Cover with water and allow to infuse 30-35 min over low heat unless it comes to a boil.

3 - Strain and reduce until you get an intense sea flavor (not salt).

4 - Let cool and strain through a super-bag. (use a very fine sieve as an alternative)

5 - Repeat this procedure with the chirla.

6 - Combine 25ml of mussel broth, 25ml of chirla broth, and thicken with xanthan gum.

7 - Remove the air in the vacuum chamber or alternatively, let it rest in the fridge for a few hours.

Aroma of the Sea Preparation

1 - Mix everything and put on the Ultrasonic machine for 40 min in a cycle at 70 to 80% power. If you don't have an ultrasonic machine, you can use one of these other infusion techniques.

2 - Strain and reserve.

Other Preparation

1 - Cut the algae in clusters of about 6 cm then set aside the rest of the algae.

2 - Next thoroughly clean the anemones.

3 - Make the tempura with 160 g of very cold water.



1 - Scald the oysters for a minute in boiling water and cool in ice water.

2 - Open, clean and remove black beards.

3 - Place on a clean oyster shell.

4 - Dress with sea gel.

5 - Chop salicornia into very thin slices and place on top of oyster.

6 - At the top of the oyster place a bouquet of tremella.

7 - Place on a plate of stone.

8 – Next, fry anemones and algae with the tempura.

9 - Place an anemone and each type of algae and two oyster leaves on the stone next to the oyster.

10 - To finish, heat up a jar with sea water.

11 - Add three tablespoons of dry ice in a bowl, some sea rocks and garnish with algae previously reserved.

12 - Serve immediately. Pour hot sea water into dry ice bowl at the table.